Winter's Night War (Iraq ii/1/2007)

by Dennis Siluk - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 309 Share This!

Be Ugly, O night's feet in soot!

Upon the sands of this time to be! Be short, O winter's night, drown us dead

From all Hell's chains of old! You are the times that's been foretold,

The time of sorrows and birth pains A time for rain and armies of the world;

O armies that fight for future's rights,

How deadly your conquests, the price of war, When shall we find the real light?

When swords are melted into plows for corn, And let man's House feed the world;

Ye, Christ will weigh the wicked and wrong.

Note: #1622 (1/19/2007): inspired by the last several wars, especially Iraq i and ii, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Bosnia. Let's keep the trend going, why slow down, peace doesn't bring prosperity, war does, that's is why we love to fight so much, it sells: machinery, movies, cloths, food, ammunition (jobs galore) and God knows what else.

Note: in the last days the bible says many things will happen, many prophecies, and thus this will be the most sensational time since the beginning of the earth (to include many wars; at any given time, one forth of the earth seems to be occupied with war one way or the other. Getting ready for it, or fighting it, or trying to get out of it) I have said many times there are two times I would have liked to have live, had I been given the chance to choose, it would be in the beginning, at the Garden of Eden, or now, during the last days.

The Ancient Bible Lands are coming into more of a worldly focus every day, this is where it will end Look towards Jordan, the Bible indicates there will be great changes there (Jer. 48; Isa. 15 and 16). Beware Damascus (Isa. 17; Jer. 49:23.27) Egypt will play a role, as will as Tyre, and Ethiopia; to mention a few.

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