In Am The Watcher

by Conrad Trudelle - Date: 2007-01-03 - Word Count: 244 Share This!

I am the Watcher

At times
in the thick of events
still do I Watch

I am an observer
though at times
when it is deemed appropriate
by HE WHO sent me
I act

That which I see is recorded
in the record of Time
never to be expunged
There is nothing that is not written
nothing is forgotten
For that which you do
you are held accountable
also for that which you do not


Read therefore
and learn what it means to be watched

read and learn
that you may be
as it was preordained

Learn of the following
and be well

Things of the heart

In the midst of all this turmoil
that we call life
there has always been one constant value
that never varies
It can neither be touched or seen
all can partake
but none can control it
It is freely given
but far to expensive to buy
it cannot be bartered or traded for
if you seek it out it is not to be found
stop your search and there it is
What could this thing be
is it for real can I have it
will it last
The answer is


and only if
you are one of the
extremely fortunate.

I will relate that which I see,
no matter what the source be

You might not like what I say
but this you must know

All that is said will be true
and everything applies to you


We will speak again.

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