Love Poems - 3 Short Steps To Romantic Love

by Robert Ogden - Date: 2009-10-16 - Word Count: 437 Share This!

These three love poems illustrate the progressive steps in the growth of a romantic love relationship. The first step is realization. There is usually a time period in which we move from not knowing we are in love to gradually realizing and accepting that we are.


I dreamed a dream
I know not why
I dreamed a dream of you.

I dreamed a dream
I now know why
I dreamed a dream of you.

It took a little time for me to realize that she was interested in me. I am referring to a girl at college who is now my wife. I would walk by her after wind ensemble practice as we were putting our horns away, and she would smile at me…just smile. I returned the smile but did not think much of it.

After some time it suddenly dawned on me. Was she interested in me?

Love seems to happen differently for everyone. For some it happens at first sight. I can honestly say I do not know personally of anyone that has met their husband or wife this way, but if I am to believe what I see and hear in movies, it happens.

But I think this poem depicts the more common experience of a gradual revelation.

Once we realize that we are in love, the second step begins...talking and spending time with one another.


The more I spend
My time with you
And talk and hear your voice,

My hopes, my dreams
Get focused in
And make my heart rejoice.

It is natural for people to fall in love while spending time together. Interacting with people through voice and eye contact as well as sharing in their work or activities leads to strong feelings of attachment. Emotions start flowing that can lead to matrimony.

Years of struggle shared together as we grow old cement our relationship. And, if we make it into our golden years, our love graduates to the final level of romantic love. ..wordless expression.


Our language is
Too limited,
Its words cannot express

The wonder of
My love for you,
True rapture, I confess.

It is after many years that a different form of communication transcends words. That form is body language. An understanding smile that says, "I understand you and enjoy sharing this moment with you" communicates deeply what words can only hope to express on a shallower and incomplete level. Expressions, movement, stillness, and silence fulfill our desire to communicate our love to the highest level.

While each of us desires to hear someone say, often, that they love us, those words cannot match the level of romantic expression communicated by love birds whose years of living together have fostered an understanding look, an anticipated action, and a smile of understanding.

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