Repainting Wood Blinds

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Wood blinds on windows and doors are decorating essentials in houses as well as in offices. Interior designers and decorators use window blinds made of wood, to provide a feeling of coziness and warmth to the atmosphere in the room. These not only provide privacy, but also add elegance to the rest of the furniture. They have features such as flexibility, warmth and resilience that are prized by professionals.

Wood blinds are the most exclusive and the lightest blinds a buyer can procure. They are mostly made of basswood, which is the most preferred wood for blinds. The wood is lighter and more resilient. They are also easier to use, as their grainy structure makes it easier to stain or paint them.

Wood blinds are durable and it is possible that the color of the room and décor could be changed for a fresh look. In such cases, it is possible to change the color of the blinds too, by repainting them. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional when going in for such a makeover. It is seen that blinds made of basswood are a better bet, as they have a grainy surface that is easier to paint.

It is necessary to dismantle the blinds before commencing the work. The initial paint coat has to be scrapped off the surface of the slats and the valance, separately. A fresh coat of primer is applied on them and allowed to dry. After that a fresh coat of paint, of the desired color that gels with the rest of the decor, is applied to the slats and valance. A second coat is applied and when it dries, the blind is again reassembled. The blinds are adaptable to any change in the interior decoration and offer the desired privacy.

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