Ajax Technology For Giving Better Look To Your Website

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AJAX is a unique programming language that can be used on various types of operating systems and web applications that is based on DOM and Java Script. It uses client-side scripting for exchange of important data, making it one of the strong approach of web application technique. This programming language increases the chances of fast responses of user interface and interaction as it can establish independent communication with the web server.

In earlier days the process of web browsing comprises of a new web page interacting with every single user's request. It leads to dynamic web application user interface that creates obstacle in effective usage of desktop applications. The main aim of AJAX is increasing a web page's interaction, functionality, usability and speed.

This concept is combination of different computing technologies instead of a single one. You can find different types of web applications like CSS and XHTML in AJAX for giving standardized web presentations. XML and XSLT is used for data exchange between the client and the server, Document Object Model is used for better display and interaction, for standardized presentation CSS and XHTML is used, Java Script is used as code for AJAX application and for sharing data with web server using XMLHttp request.

Lets us see how a typical web application functions. The older version of web interface sends an HTTP request back to the web server. After that it is processed and retrieved before getting back the HTML page to its users. But the main drawback of this process is the web application does not make the user interface as functional and as interactive as compared to AJAX.

AJAX is the solution to all above mentioned problems. It uses AJAX engine to fasten the loading of web applications which works as an intermediary between server and the users. One of the biggest benefit of AJAX engine is it allows the application and user interface to exchange data which is not dependent to the server communication. Thus there is never a communication gap between the web and the users.

It is a very strong technique that grows along with the growth of web application. Now-a-days it is being considered as guiding factor with the advent of web 2.0. More number of marketing and business sites are being connected with AJAX application server platform. Various popular services like Google maps, gmail, photo sharing application, Yahoo! Maps, etc are supported by this programming language. It supports simple functions to complex ones.

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