8 Common Web Development Mistakes To Avoid

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When you are ready to start with your online business the first thing which comes in front of you is to design your website in such a way so that it can make a difference from the other hundreds of existing websites on the internet market. In online business, website is one of the most crucial factor as it directly reflects the image of your business. Many website developers often tend to make some mistakes that can exterminate your business before even commencing it. So here are mentioned some of the most common web development mistakes which should avoid if you really want your business to be fruitful for you:

FOLLOW WEB STANDARDS: These standards help you to create device-independent websites and applications. The greenhorn website developers often ignore these web standards which sometimes can cost you heavily.

COPYRIGHT STATEMENTS: Always make sure that you include copyright statements in your web pages otherwise you will not be able to stop your content and design being copied by others.

PURPOSE OF YOUR WEBSITE: The idea behind your website should be clearly conveyed to your users that what the website is all about. If the user doesn't find your website catchy, he will surely move on to some other site.

CONTENT: Instead of using passive verbs for your website try to use active verbs, it makes your website look more lively and energetic. The content should be short, bulleted and to the point which exactly reflects the type of business you are running. This will also be a part of good web design.

UNNECESSARY REGISTRATION: Do not compel the user to register on your website until and unless it is important to do so. In case he registers himself with your site don't try to automatically subscribe a visitor to newsletters or something else without his own consent.

AVOID BROKEN LINKS: Any link which takes the user to nowhere but wastes his time instead will decline your website image and he might never try to visit your website again. So make sure that your website doesn't contain any broken links.

URL STRUCTURE: Try to adapt a simple, keyword-based URL structure as it will not only improve your search engine ranking but also help your reader to identify the content of your website.

POOR ACCESSEBILITY: Accessibility of your website means supporting multiple devices with contradictory technical capabilities. Make sure that a smooth and interruptible accessibility is allowed to the users who visit your website.

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