How To Create Clear Web Site Graphics (Part 1 of 2)

by Roger Loh - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 590 Share This!

Clear web site graphics can spice up your web sites and increase stickability if appropriately used.

In this article, I'll cover the following topics:

- What is the aim of your web site?

- Are graphics appropriate for your web site?

- What graphics should you incorporate into your web site?

1) What Is The Aim Of Your Web Site?

The most important thing is to be very clear as to why you set up the web site in the first place. Is it to provide relevant information for your visitors? Is it to announce a product launch? Is it to pre-sell your products and services or is it a sales letter?

Once you have identified your aim, it's easy to decide whether or not graphics are suitable.

2) Are Graphics Appropriate For Your Web Site?

If the purpose of your web site is solely to provide contents, the use of graphics may not be necessary. However, an appropriate graphics header that's professionally designed can help to highlight the topic of discussion at hand.

For web sites designed to pre-sell or market products or services, the choice is again not obvious. In some cases, a header graphics may be a distraction while in other cases, it can capture the attention of visitors instantly! For instance, a site providing dog training services would do well to have a banner with a dog, sitting quietly in obedience next to the owner.

In all, it really depends a lot on the purpose of the site. And, if you decide to put in graphics for your web site, what would you choose? That's our next discussion topic.

3) What Graphics Should You Incorporate Into Your Web Site?

The three main common graphics you can use to spice up your web sites are header graphics, stamped backgrounds and order buttons (if yours is a marketing web site).

Of these, the header graphics is most important. Just like in the offline world, we have only one chance to make a good first impression to the visitor. Studies showed that in just a matter of seconds, visitors decide to read on or to click to close their browsers. Thus, if you decide to incorporate a header graphics, it must be professionally designed, no less! It's in fact almost as important as, if not more important than, the headline of your web site itself! (Note: if the header graphics is amateurish, it's better to omit it altogether.

Stamped backgrounds are wonderful if your web site is designed to resemble a piece of paper like a letter on a colored background, be it light or dark. All you need is a simple, tiled background stamped with the theme of your web site. For instance, if your site specializes in providing contents to help people lose weight, you might want to have a background stamped with words like 'Weight Loss Made Easy'. Thus, when visitors scroll down your site, they are constantly reminded of the focus of your site.

As for order buttons, they are appropriate for those sites that sell products or services directly. Nowadays, some online marketers do not use buttons for certain markets and use customized order links instead.

Other graphics should typically be sparingly incorporated like symbols of '100% Satisfaction Guaranteed' as appropriate.

By now, you should already know that graphics can spice up your web sites if appropriately used as well as what type of graphics you can incorporate. However, that's not all. In Part 2, we discuss how you can acquire the graphics you need as well as many useful tips you can apply to increase the stickability of your web sites.

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