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Pictures are a powerful medium of communication; they tend to stick with us. You could forget a line, but it's hard to forget a picture. A logo has the same effect and if it is great to look at, you don't need to spell out your organization each and every time; your logo is strong enough to do it for you. A logo visually represents every aspect of your company. It enables you to create a unique corporate identity that shows the personality of your company. Organizations have come to realize that a small piece of art such as the logo has enough fire power to lure viewers and even transform them into long standing customers. Organizations need but choose the type of logo that best describes them in the market and they'll be well on their way to closing a deal.

When it comes to type of logos there are a quite a few you could choose from. There is the text based logo, the symbolic and the combination of the two. The text based logo seemed to have found more takers over the years as the type seem to effectively describe the organization it represents. When it comes to symbolic or the combination of symbolism and text, it is not always easy to decipher the logo. Of course this not to say that it is not a good option, symbols and combination logos do convey the message but sometimes designers tend to go over board with it.

Some of the symbols and combination logos used in the corporate world would include car manufacturers like Lexus, Mercedes, Volkswagen, petroleum giant Shell or the Nike symbol. But these are the big boys in the business with the luxury of great marketing plans and the money to kick it off. So a start up best settle for simple text based logos that could speak volumes about their company.

So what is it that you need to remember when you decide to zero in on a logo? 2 simple ideas could help you do the job.

1) Your logo should be able to speak about your business.
No one knows your business better than you do, so it is vital that you remain at every stage of the logo designing. A visual representation of your business could help people recognize and understand you better. You don't need anything flashy to help people remember you. A simple logo with the right touch of color and font should do the trick.

2) Your logo should be easy to remember
Having a great logo that people find hard to recognize defeats the purpose of having a logo in the first place. What you need is something that is easy on the eyes and quick to remember. Size, shape and color used does matter in a logo, after all that's what makes a logo and is going to represent you in the market. So keeping it simple and perfectly balanced matters a lot.

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