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Slow and steady wins the race. Is it? It may not be true for the realms of offshore web designing. With the progressive times and technology the adages, beliefs and concepts have turned up side down. In the fast and prompt Internet world, your website needs to be super duper fast to woo the customers.

Would you like to visit a website which takes forever to load and open up to reveal the content? The answer is predictable- NO. The load times is enough to scare many potential customers off your website. Also, as per the major search engines' guidelines- the page speed is also a determining factor in search engine rankings.

Offshore web designing services providers can help you deal with website's speeding problems. They have expert designers and developers team working with a thumbs on approach to deal with the dilemma.

There can be various reasons responsible for the slow speeding of a website:

Flash designs, plug in or embedded animations/ designs result in delayed loading of a web-page.

Increased traffic at once or at some particular time of the day (remember the 'fail-whale' of social networking site- Twitter or for instance the online booking of happy-hours of a restaurant or online payment transactions on weekends)

These can be really annoying for first time visitors. In a survey, it was revealed that almost 75 percent of visitors are new on any given website. They come by searching some keywords and clicking on the links given below based on the search terms. However, for the first-time visitor, the slower web page can play a spoil sport. He may lose confidence on your company or think that you may not have an online presence at all. You lose credibility, customers and sales at once.

The research also quoted that when development and designing tools were applied to the slow speeder websites, their conversion rates were increased up to 2 percent from the day onwards. So, to cope with the competition and register your powerful online presence, properly tune with the offshore website designing. If you are opting for Flash website, make sure its HTML codes are in line.

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