Know Basics Of Websites Before Designing Website For Your Specific Needs

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Present is the age of internet and without having an online identity no organization or firm is complete. Not only to create online identity but to give a real boost to your business it is essential to have an online presence. Getting established successfully on World Wide Web one must have an eye catching and customer friendly website.

There are important facts one must know before creating a successful website. A website is collection of web pages, texts, images and graphics through which individuals or organizations display their work, products or service. There are different kinds of websites like static website, dynamic website, CMS website, e-commerce website, B2B and B2C portals. These websites fulfill different needs and serve different purposes. One must design website according to his particular needs.

Static websites are best for small business needs or for individuals who need small website to create a web presence and sell their limited products and services. Web design companies create such websites to make them informative, eye-catching and easy to navigate and post them on internet using clients' data. Dynamic websites are perfect for those firms that need to update content on their websites at frequent interval. The dynamic website is programmed to make it interactive based on the input given from both client/customer side and website owner/service provider side.

Content Management System or CMS website is essential when sharing and managing a huge data is required for better coordination among employees and also for intimating customers of the latest products and services. CMS helps website owners in updating, adding or deleting their products or services. E-commerce websites are necessary for those who want to sell their products and services online. Web Design Company develops shopping cart software, customer application development, payment gateway integration etc.

Business-to-Business (B2B) portals are developed for large scale online business such as online marketing between raw materials providers and manufacturers or between manufacturers and wholesalers or between wholesalers and retailers. Business-to-consumer (B2C) portals are developed for business transactions between manufacturers and consumers or between service providers and consumers.

The above mentioned facts about different websites can help you know which kind of website suits your particular needs. Web design firms provide different solutions to your website needs but you must know the basics so that you cannot get cheated by anyone on development and monetary front.

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