The Differences Between Our Decorative Bed Coverings

by Linda Ann Aviles - Date: 2010-09-22 - Word Count: 423 Share This!

Knowing the difference between the bed linens we purchase online is very important. All bed covers look just about the same behind a computer screen but each has its own distinctive feature in real life. Not knowing the difference between the bed linens we purchase online will have you purchasing something you don't really want or understand. Not all online stores accept opened bedding because of health regulations, which is understandable. Who wants to purchase bed linens that have already been used? We must try our best to understand what exactly we are purchasing online so there won't be any misunderstandings or returns. The three most popular purchased bed coverings used today are bedspreads, comforters and duvet covers. Each made to sit atop of the mattress but have its own distinction as well.

Bedspreads - a prefilled decorative bed covering with little stuffing in which the sides reach to the floor. The bedspread can go over the pillows and cover the box spring, eliminating the need for a bed skirt. Luxury bedspreads are very convenient. They can be quite stunning and can make mornings less hectic. They have no insulation but can be used at night along with the comforter for added warmth and used alone during the day for decoration.

Comforters - a bed covering which is stitched or quilted and insulated with fills, down feathers or fibers. The comforter is stitched and quilted to keep the filling secure and evenly distributed. Unlike the bedspread, the comforter only covers the top mattress and will need a dust ruffle or bed skirt to cover the box spring. Comforters are intended to keep the user warm, especially at night and can also be used for decorating. The biggest problem with comforters is the difficulty of laundering. They are usually too big and bulky to wash. That is when the duvet cover comes in.

Duver Covers - can be used in conjunction with a comforter. It has a large opening on the end in which you place a comforter. The comforter is sealed in the duvet cover with either a zipper, buttons or ties of which the duvet cover has attached at the opened end. The duvet cover keeps you extra warm in the winter and can be used without the comforter in the summer. It is quite versatile and comes in many different colors and styles. It keeps the comforter from getting soiled and the duvet bedding sets can be washed frequently. Unfortunately it only covers the top mattress and will need a bed skirt to cover the box spring.

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