How Does Adware Affect You?

by Josh George - Date: 2007-01-22 - Word Count: 485 Share This!

If you are connected to the Internet, chances are adware (also spelled by some as "ad ware")has had some sort of impact on you or your system. Whether or not adware's impact is a positive or negative one is up to the user to decide. The goal of this article is to simply help distinguish the positive and negative characteristics of adware.

The Negative Affects of Adware:

For most people, the negative characteristics of adware are pretty obvious. The most common problem people have with adware is its ability to cause advertisements to spontaneously pop up on your computer. In addition, adware has also been known to slow down a computer's speed and performance.

Putting adware's functionality aside, people have also become very frustrated in trying to remove adware. From virus scans, to restarting the computer, to trying various manual solutions provided by others on the Internet, some adware will just not seem to go away, no matter what people do. In these situations, it seems the only guaranteed way to remove adware is to wipe the computer hard drive clean by reformatting and then just reinstall everything, which most are not willing to do.

At this point, a lot of people can probably agree on all of the negative aspects of adware. In fact, some people may have some of their own personal grudges in regards to adware that weren't discussed, but these are just the primary frustrations people have. So, if adware causes all of these problems to people and their computers, you may be wondering how on earth it can have any positive traits whatsoever. Read on, and you'll see that this is not a myth.

The Positive Affects of Adware:

Answer this: have you ever downloaded something for free (legally, of course) and the owner/developer of that download asked you for a donation? As a follow-up to that question, have you ever donated to freely download what these owners/developers offer? And no, donating your time to visit their site and use their software doesn't count. It is probably safe to say most people will not donate any money to download stuff for free. This is where adware comes into play.

For the most part, where there is adware, there is money to be made. Since there are not enough monetary donations to cover expenses incurred from developing a download, advertisers are usually willing to contribute money. In return, they simply ask the download developers to bundle their adware with whatever they are offering. Since there are no other alternatives for the developer, (s)he agrees to bundle the adware and in return, you are allowed to download whatever is being offered for free.

So there you have it, adware does in fact serve a positive aspect to the Internet. Whether or not you personally use free downloads, a lot of people do. Having said that, it is because of adware that downloads can remain free now and in the future.

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