Computers and Electronics Have Changed The Way We Live

by Steve Francis - Date: 2007-05-22 - Word Count: 329 Share This!

You push the on button and your monitor screen springs to life. Next, you use your mouse to bring up your browser and you start surfing the internet in search of a certain product, bit of information, or just whatever suits your fancy at the time. Or you may use your keyboard to log on to your favorite site, perhaps just to chat with friends. This is all made possible because of electronics. The average person doesn't give this much thought. Just like starting the car, watching TV, listening to the radio, using a cell phone or even emailing a friend to say good morning is all courtesy of electronics.

Just what is electronics? According to Wikipedia "electronics is the study of electron mechanics." To 99.5% of the world's population that means absolutely nothing. That figure, by the way, I just made up because "who cares?" What we do care about is the convenience of having the use of all the electronic marvels on a day to day basis. Imagine life without your iPod, MP3 player or your computer. It wouldn't quite be the dark ages, but it would be as close as I would care to get.

Let's take a moment and talk about computers. Computers are more a part of our lives than we realize. We have the personal computers , like the one you are reading this article on, but they also now control washing machine cycles, stop lights, sprinkling systems, climate control and the list goes on and on. The space program would be lost without the use of computers. The military of nations around the world could not function without computers. In fact, just imagine the disaster at the checkout line of just about any retailer. You get the idea. If it weren't for computers, life would surely be much more difficult.

We have enough difficulty in our lives, so if electronics and these wonderful computers can continue to give us an edge up then bring it on.

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