Nortel VPN Client Overview

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The Nortel VPN Client creates the secure connection for VPN users into a private network. Once you log in through iPass and receive the iPass screen, you are now authenticating through the Nortel VPN, and not iPass. If this is your first time connecting, or your pin has been reset, you will enter only your username, and token ID. The PIN field should be blank. If you have connected before, you will enter the username, PIN, and token ID. Once you are ready to connect you will click the Connect button. You may be asked if you want to save the connection if this is your first time connecting. (Note you should choose YES) If it is not your first time, or the PIN has not been reset, you will simply be connected at this point. Enter a 4 - 8 digit pin in the response field. Once the pin is accepted you will enter the PIN + Token ID on subsequent connections.

Nortel VPN Unable to Resolve IP Host Address Are you at home or hotel?

Click on Start


Type CMD in the field and hit enter (or ok)

At the DOS Prompt type: ipconfig /release and hit enter

Now type: ipconfig /renew and hit enter - confirm if the IP Address changed

If Yes Logon to iPASS once more. Does this resolve the problem?

If No

If you are at Home

Is there another computer at home (Personal PC) that is connected to the router?

Shut the router/modem off and turn the laptop off (in an effort to release the IP Address) turn the router/ modem back on.

Turn the laptop back on and logon to iPASS once more.

Does this resolve the problem?


a. Unplug the router and plug it into a separate outlet.

b. Try to logon again to iPASS.

If you are at a Hotel

Is there a consent form to be completed for access?


Double-click on the Internet Explorer

This will bring up the web page for the Hotel (home page)

Complete/submit the consent page

Launch iPASS.

If you are still unable to access iPASS open a web browser page (click on the internet browser icon blue E)

Click on Tools

Internet Options

Connection tab

Settings button and remove the check from the proxy server box to use a proxy server.

This will disable the proxy settings.

Click ok until you exit the internet options dialog box.

Try to logon to iPASS once more.

VPN Error Message Your Token Code Is No Longer Valid Contivity VPN Client: Your Token Code is no longer valid. Please enter new Token Code information.

You will get this message if the token code changed just before you pressed Enter or Connect.

At the very left edge of the display window of your token, you see a column of several small horizontal bars.

The longer the token code is displayed, the fewer bars you see.

Right after the code changes, you see six bars. When you see only one bar, wait a few seconds for the code to change before entering it into the prompt on your screen.

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