iPod Stuff: How To Set Your iPod's Alarm Clock

by Mary Markell - Date: 2006-12-15 - Word Count: 395 Share This!

The good thing about the iPod alarm clock feature is that you can wake up with the tune of your favorite song. Whether it is a Celine Dion melody or a King Diamond scream the iPod alarm clock can help you wake up every morning with style. This is a tutorial about how to set and adjust your iPod's alarm clock.

You will need:
a. An iPod, of course (alarm clock is not a feature in iPod shuffle with firmware 2.1 or later)
b. A pair of speakers (i recommend a pair of power speakers!)

( Download the latest firmware for your iPod for free at the apple website ).

Ok let's move on. The iPod alarm clock feature is located in the Extras menu. There, you can find other features like Contacts, Games, Calendar etc. A lot of people do not use this powerful iPod feature and while they are familiar with other Extras like Games they usually underestimate the alarm clock feature.

Here are the steps to set the iPod alarm clock:
1. Locate the alarm clock feature (Main menu > Extras > Clock > Alarm Clock)
2. Set the Time setting to the time you wish to wake up
3. Now the coolest part. Set the the Sound setting to one of your iPod playlists
4. Enable the alarm. Turn it on. If the alarm is on, an alarm icon (a bell with sound waves) will appear on the right side of your iPod's screen.
5. Connect the speakers to the iPod's headphone jack.
6. A good idea would be to test the volume of the sound by playing a song. You don't want to wake up screaming if the volume is too high, or not wake up at all if the volume is too low.
7. Now go to bed and get some sleep.


Don't forget to correctly set the date and time of your iPod in order to wake up at the right time and day! You can set the current date and time from the Extras > Clock menu. If you connect your iPod to a computer then you don't need to set the time and date because these settings will synchronize every time you connect with the computer.

Make sure that your Ipod's battery has enough power. You can plug in an iPod AC adapter to make sure your battery is always charged.

That's it. You are ready.

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Since the iPod alarm clock can only play from a playlist, it's a good idea to create a unique alarm clock playlist and add a minimum of one song. Here's a cool and popular iPod Download Community where you can search and download thousands of songs and other media files.

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