Computer Phobias

by Caroline Mackay - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 464 Share This!

Years ago around the end of January I would develop Chinophobia (fear of snow). Maybe it was because we had 3-5 feet of snow and I was ready for spring. Over the years I have developed "temporary phobias" for a number of good reasons.

A phobia is a handy way to get myself out of unpleasant situations. I developed Dentophobia (fear of the dentist) when my wisdom teeth decided to come in, but it was cured when the pain became so unbearable that I set out for the dentist office for some relief. Phobias also provide good excuses for why I do some of the silly things I seem to do, such as, when computers were first introduced to our school.

When computers were first introduced to our school I developed instant Cyberphobia (fear of computers or working on them). As the years passed I lost this phobia, but I noticed that there are many phobias associated with computers. In other words if you have any of the following phobias I would not be even near a computer.

Neophobia (fear of anything new)-computers change daily, oops, hourly so you need to avoid them.

Monophobia (fear of being alone)-since working on a computer is not group work you should avoid a computer.

Ballistophobia (fear of bullets)-You can get near a computer and even work on one, but avoid that bullet button at all costs.

Tropophobia (fear of making changes)-don't even be in the vicinity of a computer because this is a continual procedure and if you don't change your computer system often you quickly revert to the caveman era of computer technology.

Atychiphobia (fear of failure) - better not chance using a computer because the power may fail, the lights may flicker and then your system fails and you have to start all over. Besides that, one misplaced finger can make you wonder, "What happened now?"

Ankylophobia (fear of joint immobility) try sitting at a computer all day and then get up, it's close to impossible at my age so avoid the computer.

Kaniophobia (fear of anything new or novel) with a computer it's always changing and you may not be warned about those changes, so don't chance it.

Allodoxaphobia (fear of opinions)-you can get on the computer, but avoid chat rooms and articles, like this, at all costs.

Castisophobia (fear of sitting)-self explanatory, just avoid the computer. Tachophobia (fear of speed)-avoid computers only if they have high speed internet and it was built last year, other wise, it is okay.

Polyphobia (fear of many things)-Everything connected to the computer is numbered in the many things category. Many functions, many buttons, many sights and especially many wires. Technophobia (fear of technology) That's what computers are all about, technology, so avoid.

May you find your life free of any phobias and typing peacefully on your computer. Have a good life.

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