What PacketShaper Can Do For You?

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What is PacketShaper?

It is an application-intelligent traffic management system which delivers predictable, efficient performance for applications running over the WAN and the Internet. It is able to detect and classify automatically an extensive collection of applications and protocols. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art bandwidth, traffic, service-level and policy management technology, it is able to provide effective application Quality of Service.

How does PacketShaper work?

It discovers and classifies traffic by focusing on content and applications where value to the end user lies. The combination of PacketShaper's layer-7 classification, analysis, control, and reporting capabilities enables network administrators to keep critical traffic moving at proper speed through bandwidth bottlenecks and stops any single type of traffic from monopolizing the link.

PacketShaper also identifies traffic markers, discovers changing or dynamic port assignments and tracks transactions with changing port assignments. This type of traffic classification enables network managers to fix policies and keep control over the traffic related to an individual application, server, client, and session or traffic type.

What are the benefits of PacketShaper?

Benefits of traffic shaping technology

PacketShaper has traffic shaping technology that allows you to sort out WAN and Internet performance problems. Through active prevention of network congestion, shaping controls bandwidth utilization and application performance. It also allows you to ensure true QoS for critical applications like voice and video to CRM and ERP.

Increasing performance across the WAN

PacketShaper stops the endless cycle of bandwidth upgrades and multiplies application throughput across the existing network infrastructure. So, you can get more output in less time, with fewer performance-related complaints and a higher Quality of Service for all networked users.

Enhancing Network Security

It is observed that internal threats from worm infections, unsanctioned recreational traffic and rogue servers sometimes can severely impact network capacity and cause critical applications. PacketShaper helps in identifying infected PCs and unsanctioned traffic as well as protecting performance of key applications and the network during the time of attack. And it does this all while delivering hard ROI from bandwidth savings, multiplied WAN capacity and increased application performance.

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