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What goes through your mind when you think about a home key logger? Do you think about a rogue program that is installed on your computer and steals your passwords and credit card numbers? This is one explanation of home key logger software, and one that many people consider to be the only explanation, but for those of us that want to monitor computer use and make sure that our family is both safe from dangers on the Internet and to make sure that there isn't any strange behavior going on that we should be aware of, a home key logger is a program that actually becomes our best friend.

It used to be, a few years ago, that a home key logger was just that. It was a program that sat on your computer and logged any keystrokes that happened to be typed on your keyboard. Since that time the home key logger has evolved into such a sophisticated program that it does much more than just basically logging keystrokes.

The new spy software not only runs in the background on your computer (totally undetectable) but it keeps track of much more than keystrokes. It records internet history, individual chat sessions and emails, and can even give you passwords so you can make sure that your children are not getting into trouble while they are online. The best part of this software is that it can email the logs to you so you can monitor your computer activity even while you are away from home.

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