Wedding Proposals - Is It Necessary?

by Angela Tay - Date: 2008-05-27 - Word Count: 448 Share This!

Hey guys, if you wish to marry us andspend the rest ofour lives together, is asking aquestion so simple as "WillYou Marry Me?" so hard on you?

Proposing to your girlfriend is actually a form of courtesy to tell her thatyou would like to take the relationship further to marriage. If you think that after a few years of dating, your girlfriend would definitelyoblige to walking down the aisle with you, you might actually be too overconfident of yourself. If you start preparing for marriage without even officially asking her, it is actually deemed quite impolite as you would have taken her for granted that she is going to be your wife. Gals DO NOT LIKE to be treated this way. They need to know what you are thinking and they need to feel that you cherish her enough to tell her about your plans. So no matter how busy or shy you are, do not give yourself any excuse to get away with this!

Of course, a proposal can sometimes get a guy really jittery. Evenjust beforethemoment your girlfriend says yes, there is always a possibility she may say "Why don't we wait a few years more?". Some gals might also bepretty demandingand have high expectations oftheir "dream"proposal and this gets their guy worrying of how to please her enough for her to agree. If you think you are the type of girlfriend, I hope you go easy on your guy. He may be having many sleepless nights thinking about his proposal ideaand planning for it. He may have spent whatever he could spend already within his means. If he is a great guy to spend your life with, even if he makes some forgiveable mistakes in his proposal, why let him slip away right?

Well, a very good proposal, in my opinion, does not have to really empty a guy's pockets. It must however, be very sincere, original and genuine! Sincerity is something that cannot be faked. Even if you have spent a bomb on a fancy proposal, but it lacks the sincerity, your girlfriend can feel it! There are 101 proposal ideas around, if you know your idea is going totouch her heart and make her cry, most likely itwill end upsuccessful for you.

Most gals would love a proposal deep down in our hearts, although we may already know that you are the guy we will marry.It showshow much we meanto you and youare willing to spend time and effort to prepare for it. That very momentis special as it is then that we make one of the greatest decisions of our life, and that is to grow old with you.

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