Back to Basics - Why Women are Attracted to Men?

by Anand R - Date: 2007-01-22 - Word Count: 440 Share This!

Women are attracted to men and have been since the beginning of time because that's the way they were created, just look at Adam and Eve and there you have your answer. Women and men were created for each other, to get married and raise a family. Although it should be noted that women are attracted to different types of men for different reasons, such as some women may like a man for his looks, some may like him for his height and another may like him for his personality, and there is also the saying that some women are attracted to men who remind them of their father, which is a debatable point.

Most women are attracted to men because of their need to love and be loved. Love is the most important part of our lives, it's what gives us hope to carry on, and a reason to live. When a woman is attracted to a man that feeling comes from deep within and the same can be said for a man, for before these two can fall in love they have to first develop an attraction to each other and then the dating game begins and this often leads to love and the beginning of a close relationship.

There are many reasons women are attracted to men and one of the main reasons is sex, yep in the big picture that's what it's all about really. This is true for both men and women, first you feel a certain attraction to someone, then you would probably go on dates and get close to each other, and as time goes by you become sexual partners, which is what caused you to be attracted to each other in the first place. Attraction starts from within because our bodies give off a type of energy which is what makes two people attracted to each other and when this energy finally makes contact that's what makes for a great relationship.

Another aspect of this theory is the old saying that opposites attract and women and men are certainly of the opposite sex, so there you have it. Most women really love strong men, men who make them feel safe and comfortable, men they can rely on, and so for each woman the particular reason they are attracted to a certain man is different, but the only common factor is they all want a companion in life a soul mate and this is why women and men have been attracted to each other since the beginning of time. It is as simple as that so why are we complicating it now in the 21st century!

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