Creating Wedding Table Plans With a Snowplough

by Adam Leyton - Date: 2010-11-13 - Word Count: 546 Share This!

One of the things people often don't seem to realise when it comes to creating wedding table plans is that it's not a single task, but a series of separate tasks, each of which leads on from the last, and each of which provides an abundance of difficulties, problems and challenges.

Think of wedding table plans as being a little like the kind of obstacle course used by the army. The 10 foot wall in front of you might look impossible to climb, but after much huffing and puffing, scrambling ungainly to the top, you might think that you are on the home run and it really wasn't all as bad as you first thought. But it's only when you tumble off the top of the wall face down into the mud you realise that there is still a full course ahead of you, and you've barely started.

It's at that point you are either wonder to yourself whether joining the army was a good idea, or whether getting married was a good idea. To be honest many people might start to think that joining the army would be a little easier, and certainly it can often seem that creating wedding table plans is not that far from creating detailed military operations.

The first thing to do of course is to create your guests list. This seems like a fairly enjoyable task, and in just the same way as people like to see that they have 6,500 friends on Facebook, it can be reassuring to couples to see that their social circle reaches well over three figures. The problem of course is when they start to calculate how much this will then cost them, and multiplying the cost of dinner and entertainment by 150 is more than likely going to result in a fairly plump four figure sum.

Then there's the task of sending out invitations, and then the period of time waiting for the RSVPs to be returned. The real challenge comes when you've got to try to work out where everybody is going to sit, and this is the aspect of creating wedding table plans which most people think about. The fact that it is only the first stage in the process is often overlooked.

Creating wedding table plans where you've got everybody sitting in a suitable location is a little like trying to combine a game of Tetris with a game of Sudoku by following 83% of the rules of chess. Confused? You will be.

But it's still not over even when you get as far as that, because you then have to transfer your sketches to a final glorious copy that can be displayed at the entrance to the reception venue, provide duplicate copies for serving staff and the organisers, and of course you still have the job of creating individual place cards and placing these in the right locations.

But imagine if you could complete the obstacle course created by the army whilst driving a snowplough. It's likely to be a lot easier, a lot quicker, considerably more comfortable, and a very great deal less effort. Consider using one of the computer based solutions available for creating wedding table plans, because as far as wedding table plans are concerned, computer based software is the snowplough you're looking for.

Toptableplanner is an online software tool for arranging wedding table plans. Just drag and drop your guests and tables until you've created the perfect layout. You can even use it to print your own place cards too.n
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