How to Use Candles in a Wedding Ceremony

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A person's wedding is the most awaited occasion in their lives and thus they wish for it to be perfect. It takes several months of planning for the preparation of a perfect wedding ceremony, which involves things like selecting the wedding gown, sending invitations, using the right flowers, hiring caterers, choosing a perfect chapel for the wedding, making a proper seating and table arrangements, etc. There is so much to take care of that sometimes we tend to ignore the very little things that can make your wedding a unique and elegant.

Something like using candles innovatively for your wedding ceremony would be a great idea to start with. Lighting up candles signifies peace and additionally relaxes the atmosphere of the wedding. Mostly, candles add a decorative element that can you're your wedding stand out from other weddings. There are so many ways in which you can use candles in your wedding.

Let's have a look at few such ideas:
Having a candle light theme at your wedding ceremony is a great idea. The only part to take care of in a candlelight wedding ceremony would be that you make sure to have all the necessary information regarding the fire code for the location where the event is held and to see that all the rules of safety are followed. Candles also add a lot of glow to the entire atmosphere. Also candlelight is very romantic and everyone enjoys the warm glow of candles.

You could also place these candles across the path that leads to the wedding chapel. But everyone passing through the path especially the bride needs to be very cautious about the fire on the candles. Make sure to place the candles far apart enough so that people can easily walk along the pathway.

Candles can also be used as centerpieces for each table in the wedding reception hall. There are several ways in which you can place these candles innovatively with specific decorative themes. You can use them as part of a larger centerpiece or you can create a candle arrangement with a larger candle in the middle and smaller candles on the outside.

You can always make the venue of your wedding reception unique by placing large bowls or basins of water on each table with floating candles in it. Floating candles can be found in many varieties to suit many different styles of weddings. It is advisable to use at least ten candles for a large bowl and somewhere around five candles for a small bowl.

Of course last but not the least, placing a uniquely designed candle on your four layered wedding cake would give an absolutely unbelievable look and feel to the occasion. You can either choose to make it yourself giving it your own personal touch or have them custom made for you. You can even get wedding favor candles in various themes. Sometimes, favor candles are small enough to place on your wedding cake.

Hence candles should definitely be a very important ingredient in your wedding planning, as this would be a very beautiful and elegant way to spend the most important day of your life.

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