Unique Reception Entertainment on Your Wedding Day

by Criss White - Date: 2010-10-29 - Word Count: 500 Share This!

People always look forward to weddings. Whether they are part of the entourage or just simply guests, to be a part of this romantic event is truly exciting. For your guests, regardless whether they have traveled far or have always lived nearby - how do you keep them entertained and not sleep through the whole wedding reception? Here are some exciting ideas that you have in your wedding reception:

- Photo Booth - Remember those photo booths where you drop a coin, and you get to do silly poses? You can put an updated version of these photo booths and have them at your wedding reception. There are photo booths up for rental, and instead of a small enclosed photo area, the photo booths now are open, have a huge backdrop instead, and there are props that you can use. For the backdrop, you can make it personalized to contain your name, and for some, you can use images or the couple's photo. For the props, they can either be full costumes or lots of silly hats and colorful wigs. The photos are normally printed immediately so the guests can also take them home as souvenirs from the event.

- Singer or a Band - If your budget can afford it, or if you have friends or relatives who are singers or are in a band, you can hire them and do your reception music. No need to hire Celine Dion or Elvis Costello, an upcoming or a budding artist can have a more forgiving talent fee. You can visit recording studios in your area so can get an idea of who to get.

- Wine Tasting Station - No other drink spells romance more than wine. You can set up a wine tasting station at your reception and have your guests see and taste the different wines available. The booth should have a sommelier or an expert that can truly describe and give more information about each wine. This is a twist to the traditional toast - made more modern and fun.

- Chocolate Fountain - And no other food spells romance more than chocolate. Have a chocolate fountain in one side of your reception hall, and apart from being a dessert lovers dream, it can easily be a conversational piece where you can have your guests mingle and warm up to each other. Have a variety of biscuits, fruits and marshmallows as your guests will indeed be coming back again and again.

Receptions can be as simple as an intimate dinner or as exciting as a party celebration. Depending on the mood that you want to set, you can create that perfect reception atmosphere by choosing the right reception entertainment. Whether an elegant wine tasting booth or a fun photo booth, what is important is that everyone gets to have fun and you get to enjoy your wedding in an ambiance that you truly love. Make your wedding extra special by providing entertainment that will knock everyone off their feet, whether because of the alcohol or the chocolate bliss.

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