Wedding Guest List Issues - Children at Your Wedding

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A wedding is generally an all-adult event, but with these times, where guests travel from miles away, they often cannot leave their children behind. Thus, children are sometimes being brought along during weddings celebrations. While some may consider it distasteful to write an all- adult only notice on the invitation, here are some ways on how to handle kids at your wedding.

If children go to your wedding unexpectedly:

- Have the closest relative to say to the parents to be mindful of their kid's behavior. While this comes automatically with some parents, others, especially those who are not keen on wedding etiquette might fall short on this. Be careful still and be polite as some may be offended at your request. Limit this request to the parents with children who are under 8 years old as older children can already behave or handle themselves better, or at least listen to their parents.

- When they meet other kids, have them play in a little area in your reception hall. Have adults supervise this area so they will not disrupt any of the activities in the reception hall. The adults should also monitor the voices of the kids so that the event, the music, and the host, will not be distracted.

If children are invited and expected to attend the wedding:

- Weeks before the wedding, remind your respective relatives who will be bringing along kids to talk to them about their behavior on the wedding day. This message can be attached within part of an email message along with directions to the event, or enclosed with the invitation mailing itself.

- On the reception day, arrange for a room where the kids can play and equip it with toys and a number of nannies (which can be relatives as well if you do not want to pay up extra money for them). Plan adult supervision based on the total number of kids. Try to get this room in the same area as your reception - same building, adjacent room, or a hotel room if you are holding your reception in a hotel.

- The children can stay during the ceremony as long as they keep quiet and behave and during the meals while they sit beside their parents or nanny. However, they may not stay during adult activities at the reception party where some adults may feel obliged to constantly monitor the kids, or where there are activities like dancing, drinking, and garter ceremonies where kids should not participate in.

Having children in your wedding need not give you headaches. They can even give good vibes and energy. As long as you prepare for it, expect everything to go smoothly. If you are expecting a number of children at the wedding, you can ask the parents first for their opinion on the kid's menu before selecting the food. While it is expected that no bride will totally alter her menu for a handful of children guests, having a number of plates served with the kid's preferred foods, will be appreciated. Inform your guests of this arrangement as well so they can let go of any uncertainties when they come to your wedding.

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