DIY Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

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One of the most fun and exciting themes for weddings is the beach theme. Whether you are holding your wedding at an actual beach resort or not, the theme expresses a relax and fun experience for everyone. But being one of the most popular wedding themes, it can be a bit challenging to plan it unique. Fortunately, considering DIY ideas is not that too complex to handle, making your own beach wedding favors for example.

Do-it-yourself wedding ideas help make your big day different from others. By making your own favors, you can put your personal touches that makes them personalized. There are various wedding favors that you can personally make. Most of them are easy and above all, less expensive. So whether you are on a tight budget or not, DIY wedding favors are a great solution to add uniqueness to your big day.

One of the easiest and cheapest do-it-yourself favors that you can have in your beach wedding are candles. Just about anyone uses candles, which make them a really practical idea for your beach wedding. They are inexpensive to purchase or make. If you opt to make candle wedding favors, there are lots of candle making kits that you can find at a craft store. A kit usually comes with everything that is needed in making candles, including of course the instructions. To make a beach-like feel on your candle favors, make sure to decorate them with some tropical touches or any element that are usually found on beaches such as seashells, seashore stones, and sand. You may also include mini beach umbrellas, flip slops, beach hats, or beach balls. These are some of the popular decorations to bring the beach theme to your candle wedding favors. If you opt to present the candles in candle holders, you can decorate them by gluing some of those decorations mentioned on the holders.

Edible beach themed favors are also a great option for your beach wedding. If you like to bake or cook, you can make your own cookie or chocolate wedding favors. To make an interesting twist, create them in shapes of a seashell, seahorse, dolphin, or palm tree. This idea creates a wonderful beach theme on you can decorate the cookies with frosting, M&M's, or candies. Both chocolates and cookies can be presented in favor boxes or bags with a beach themed design.

You may also create a very unique message-in-a-bottle wedding favor for each of the guests. This is very simple and easy to make as well. All you need to do is to purchase empty bottles at your craft store, or if your family has a collection of empty wine bottles, that would really help a lot. Inside each bottle is a special paper that is printed with a favorite poem, song lyric, or a personal message for your guests. You can get very creative on this favor idea, like including your photograph and some beach themed ornaments inside the bottle.

There are lots of pre-made beach wedding favors that you can purchase online if you don't have time making DIY wedding favors. Look for an online store that carry a wide variety of unique favors to choose from and allows you to customize your favorite item.

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