Is Your Husband Having Emotional Affair? - What You Should Do

by Emily Atkins - Date: 2010-11-02 - Word Count: 511 Share This!

A husband having emotional affair with a colleague at work, an old friend or online does not automatically makes him a cheater. Although emotional affair does not involve sexual or any physical activity, it can be very damaging to marriages.

Emotional affair can ruin a relationship mainly because of trust issues. Deception and lies become a part of your marriage and as a consequence, you will lose faith in your husband. Having emotional affair can also create distance between the spouses because women are very emotionally attached.

Experts say that emotional infidelity is more difficult to prevent and to stop compared to a physical one. If you don't do something about your husband's emotional affair immediately, there is a big possibility that it will lead to a sexual affair. Therefore, it is very important that you confront him as soon as you find out.

Below are tips on what to do if your husband is having an affair:

Make Your Decision - The first thing you must do is to decide whether you want to continue your marriage or not. Think of the consequences and determine if your husband is willing to make up and save your relationship. You must also consider your financial and emotional stability and the future of your children. If you think that he is not willing to let go of the affair or that he has a long history of infidelity, then it is advisable that you move on.

Fortunately, in most cases, a husband having emotional affair is willing to save the marriage. He loves you and he loves his family. He is just confused or got carried away and all he needs is your comfort.

Talk To Him - The most common reason why a husband gets into an emotional affair is lack of communication. You spend less time talking or hanging out with your husband. Having emotional affair is usually caused by loss of excitement and interaction by not going out on dates or doing the things you usually do on the early part of your relationship.

When you find out that your husband is having an emotional affair, sit down and talk to him about the problem. Tell him that his affair is affecting you and the children. Show that you care and most importantly, tell him that you will not let this thing continue. Find ways that will bring back the joy of your marriage like spending more time with your kids or engaging in activities that you both enjoy.

Marriage Counseling - Couples having a problem with their marriage usually resort to counseling right away. Marriage counseling will cost you a lot of money or you might not be comfortable in attending one but it is a good way to work out the issues of your marriage.

A lot of marriages have been saved because of counseling because the husband having emotional affair can open up and talk about the problem. You will also receive good advices and tips from marriage counselors that are proven to work. Try to convince your husband to attend counseling or other similar programs in your area.

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