Where To Take A Girl On A First Date

by Richard La Ruina - Date: 2007-02-09 - Word Count: 437 Share This!

I feel sorry for attractive women. They get asked out so many times, but all their dates are the same: dinner, drinks, cinema. It must get old pretty quickly.

But this is an opportunity for some clever and creative guys out there, because if they can do some different stuff, it will be very attractive. It will also usually cost less! Where does a creative guy take a girl on a first date? Here's my best first date ideas:

1. Activity-based dates
An activity based date is where you meet and do something pretty exciting. It is great fun for her, but afterwards you should also go for a drink or sit down somewhere so that you can connect with her. She'll be much more open to it after a fun date. What are some examples of a good activity-based date?

-The fair.
-The games arcade. No not to play Tekken.
Do physical games like the dancing games, racing games, and if she is a bit tough, the punching games.
-Play a sport or game of table tennis, table football, darts, pool, badminton, or even trampolining.
-Go to a class together: Dancing (Salsa is good), pranayama, massage. If it is something you wanted to try already, even better.
-Fly a kite.

2. Nature-based date
Girls love animals and nature. Design a nature based date and it should be a memorable experience. Examples would be:

-Feeding the ducks and squirrels in the park.
-A boat trip up the river.
-The zoo (make sure she doesn't morally object).
-The aquarium..

3. Interest-based date
If she has expressed an interest in a certain area like art, history, or foreign films, take her on a date that matches this interest.

4. Tourist Stuff
It's amazing how many City-dwellers haven't done the famous tourist stuff in their city. Casually find out if she has been to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, or whatever your local attraction is. Chances are neither of you have so it will make a great first date.

5. Buy a Local Events Guide
There are all kinds of cool events going on in big cities all the time. Things like food festivals, charity concerts, and street parties. Find one that sounds cool and go together.

By having an activity or something else as the focus of the date, it takes a lot of pressure off the interaction. By the time you sit down to talk, you will have a fun shared experience and she will already be more open to you. If you have taken a girl on a date like this, chances are she'll be telling all her friends about the great time she had, and she'll definitely be sold on seeing you again.

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