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by Jason Roberts - Date: 2007-01-26 - Word Count: 573 Share This!

There are those who will offer you very old fashioned secrets to impressing single women for love and romance. Some of them still hold true, but many of them depend entirely on the single woman you're trying to impress for that love or romance you're seeking.

Of course, if you're just starting out learning about this woman you're not going to know which is the right way to go with this secret to impressing single women thing. Here is some guidance.

One alleged professional we know suggested that the way to impress single women for love and romance is to open the car door for her every time she enters or exits the vehicle. This supposedly savvy love counselor says that she'll expect it and may resent your not doing it.

Perhaps - depending on the woman. And, depending on the age of the woman. Many women under 60 might well take this as a sexist move on your part, and might resent your old fashioned attempt to treat her like she's not capable of opening her own door.

The best rule of thumb might be to do the logical thing. If it's locked and the lock is manual then you'll have to open it with your key. If her hands are full she could use your thoughtful help. If it's a first date you might start by saying something like,

"Let me help, that door tends to stick." You could also be very up front and say, "My mom taught me to hold the door for a woman, but I know some women see that as an affront to their independence. What do you think?" You will score several points here.

First, women love to hear that a man has a sound healthy relationship with his mother. There's an old saying that if you want to see what a man is really like look at his relationship with his mother. It's very true. Mothers have such an influence on how their sons turn out.

The second point you'll score is letting her know that you want and value her opinion, and want to do what makes her comfortable.

She'll also be happy to realize that you understand the need for women to be independent. She'll assume she's going to be treated like an equal with you.

This same attitude and behavior can also be applied to old-fashioned, what many women consider subservient actions, such as pulling out her chair in a restaurant, helping her put on her coat, or the really ancient one of being the one to walk on the street side of the sidewalk. (Where on earth did that dumb idea come from?)

Another "love" professional suggested that one secret to impressing single women for love and romance was to light her cigarette. Yuck! If you both smoke, yes, it's kind of intimate but again it also implies that as a woman she can't quite figure that out for herself.

We suggest if you both smoke and she needs a light that you do it but make a farce out of it. Do some sort of silly Bogart thing out of it.

"Here my dear, let me help you with that," and then put your hand on hers as you light it. Ham it up. If she's the type that gets offended by your idea that she can't manage it herself she's still going to laugh at your silly impression of Bogie.

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