Dating And How To Attract A New Love

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Here are some easy rituals to attract a new love partner.

There's an ancient east Asian concept called Feng Shui that says that how you arrange your furniture and other household or office objects affects the smoothness or bumpiness of your life.

Feng Shui teaches that one of the rituals to attract a new love partner is easy - buy household objects in pair. If you have two symmetrical chairs around your home fireplace, or two identical ottomans, or perhaps two of the same type of picture frame on your desk, you will bring a "couples" energy to your life.

The southwest corner of your home is considered by Feng Shui experts to be the love corner of your home.

You will then enhance your attraction of a new love partner by putting your two symmetrical items in that corner of your home. Prior to taking this step, however, you must clean and organize that corner.

Putting your couples items in your southwest home corner when it's messy or dirty, according to Feng Shui, may be an easy ritual to attract a new love partner, but the relationship will be disorganized as well.

The photos, paintings and other pictures that you choose for your home can attract a new love partner as well, and choosing the right ones is an easy ritual.

Pictures of love can draw love to you. It's far better, for example, to have a painting of children holding hands or hugging, or dogs playing happily together, then to hang angry or even abstract art on your walls.

Should you yearn for other types of portraits, paintings or photos, then go ahead and put them in one part of your home and save the love pictures for your bedroom or special place that you frequent.

Burn incense or candles in your home. These are easy rituals to attract a new love partner. Aromatherapy has proven not only to stir feelings of love, but also feeling of well being, inner peace and happiness.

What better way to open your heart to a new love partner than to be happy and show that? People like to be around happy people, and people that are at peace and proud of themselves. Red and pink candles are supposed to be the candles of love.

Some even suggest you pray for love in front of the candles and while we're not sure about this, it's an easy ritual. Unless you're opposed to prayer, it can't hurt and it just might attract a new love partner.

The caution, of course, with candles, is that you burn them only in the room where you or someone else is going to be there to see that they're safe.

If you think you're becoming so relaxed and so at peace that you're about to fall asleep put out your candles. You can't attract a new love partner as your home burns down around you.

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