The Phenomenon of Prickteasing

by Rion Williams - Date: 2007-01-03 - Word Count: 782 Share This!

I love this topic right here. First let me say I draw the reference 'pricktease' from the movie 'Dazed and Confused'.

With 'Alpha Relational Dynamics', Prickteasing is basically the behavior, act and reality of a woman or women being the stimulus for men to respond to.

Prickteasing is the social act of sexual communication.

Flirting is the natural act of sexual communication.

Your ability to differentiate that characteristic distinction with women, can mean the difference between no success and massive success with the most beautiful women.

A Pricktease is what I define as a Social 'Alpha' woman. It is the Lindsay Lohans, the porn stars, the Paris Hiltons, pop-tarts, the blonde hair, lipo'd, boob-jobbed softporn clones that you see everywhere and on flashing their assets.

Prickteasing is a purely social CONstruct originating in America. It is NOT natural. It is used by the Architects as a control to get men to 'respond'. The women who have become prickteases are adapting to their causally rooted social environment.

They are harnessing that leverage which is much greater than their own 'inner' personality or character and it's effective to get men to 'respond'.

They are following the lead of the high social status icons they see on the covers of magazines, on reality t.v. shows, etc. which are rooted in the social matrix itself.

Without their cognition, they are essentially being used to follow the program of the Architects (producers and executives) to generate more profits across multiple industries such as makeup, clothing, fashion, beer, magazines, etc..

When you look at the cover of Maxim magazine for example, you will always see pure prickteasing. It's taking the sexuality of a woman and exploiting it to be the stimulus for men to respond to. Similar to the Pavlovian experiment, many men actually will start drooling to that stimuli.

So why on earth do you think they're NERVOUS and incongruent with themselves when they approach women similar to these?

This prickteasing phenomenon (which is growing strong) doesn't lead to sex itself, it leads to creating a divergent and paradoxical fantasy lifestyle for men and women. After being conditioned for so many years, men and women have become jaded.

Millions of women have forgot how to flirt because of the power of this social influence; they're used to prickteasing and getting all of the attention. Their natural abilities and roots have been covered up because it's so rarely used or promoted in our social culture (pornography is socio-sexual programming, not natural).

Millions of men have become nervous and uncomfortable around all beautiful women because they have become the response to this social 'sexploitation' over all these years. That relationship has altered their physiology.

This is the root of the problem because they have been in a disempowering relationship in the first place that was created by the architects.

Their answer is NOT in pick-up lines or hot new tactics to try and 'get' the obvious social 'prize'. The real answer lies in the root relational dynamics in the first place. They have to take an entirely different frame on reality.

Place the social game where you're already doomed to fail and lower on the hierarchy, or take your power back, BE the stimulus yourself and play the natural game where women will actually respond to you.

When you can differentiate prickteasing from flirting and represent that through every fiber of your body, you won't be anyone's 'pawn' anymore and women will respond to you more powerfully than any pheromone.

You'll be able to see right through the 'game' or representation of any woman because you know and are grounded in your relationship to the truth of that power and what it means to you and her. You'll actually be fearless around these women and actually get somewhere and they're waiting for more men like that (who aren't jerks).

Remember that with Alpha R.D. we look at the pure and true relationships that exist. It is often the most subtle of things that lie beneath the surface or that invisibly frame the truth. That is what you want to look for.

So when you see a woman acting like a hot bitch who 'knows it' or a social pop-tart who expects men to respond to her, you should start seeing the type of relationship that exists. Are you going to play that social game (which holds her back from success with men too)?

Or are you going to be independent from that type of CONstructed relationship and work with the true sexual part of her (her natural character)?

For it's then, when the game begins.

In other articles I'll talk more about her natural character and differentiating these characteristics.

-Rion Williams

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