Bad Boys Versus Good Guys - Why Women Are More Attracted To The Bad Men

by Bellaisa Filippis - Date: 2010-10-06 - Word Count: 590 Share This!

I personally have had my share of bad boys in my lifetime and after many broken hearts and life lessons I've made many observations as to why women are so attracted to the bad boy and why the nice guy always seems to finish last.

This happens over and over again, not just for me, but for many women out there who just can't help themselves if given a choice.

First, bad boys generally have a very good social game. They are not socially awkward by any means and they have an understanding of how people think, which means they know how to act and talk to people to get them on their side and really like to be in their company.

Nice guys tend to be a little more awkward and awkward guys do not have this ability. They tend to say the wrong things that piss people off, even if they have good intentions. They may just be too honest sometimes and don't know how to relate any other way.

Second, bad boys have self confidence in themselves. They tend to think that they have game and are confident in their abilities to attract women because they know they have the social game down. They also tend to be more confident in the rest of their lives as well. Confidence is one of the biggest attractors for both men and women.

Nice guys feel like they come in last with women. This means lower confidence in themselves and that lower confidence correspondingly spills over into the rest of their life. Low confidence and self esteem shows itself through your words, eye contact, and body language. You can't hide it no matter how hard you try because your true feelings always shine through.

Third, bad boys generally have a good sense of humor and use it appropriately. They can make you laugh and feel good and you have a good time with them whenever you are hanging out with them. This is another huge trait for attracting women as laughter and feeling good is what every human craves.

Good guys tend to be a little more awkward with their humor. It's not carefree jokes that gets everyone in the room laughing that they tell, but instead their jokes often end with no laughter from anyone but themselves.

Lastly, and maybe most essential to keeping a woman around, is that bad boys know how to talk their way out of stuff. They get into trouble and they know exactly what to say to make it all better. They can make it seem like it's no big deal and all is forgiven until the next time around when they do it all again.

Good guys have a hard time making their mistake go away and, again, tend to say all the wrong things that push a woman away rather than get forgiveness for their blunder.

In conclusion, obviously this doesn't apply to every bad and nice guy. There are obviously exceptions to the rule.

There are bad guys who are really socially awkward and therefore live their life never getting the girl, and there are good guys who have all the social skills and confidence in the world and get the girl every time.

The important thing to remember is that these good guys that have game are the ones that women really want. The guys that will treat them right instead of just 'getting out of trouble' every time they treat her wrong; The guys that have confidence, goals, and enjoy life to the fullest.

The good guy doesn't have to finish last.

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