How to Have a Beautiful Relationship With a Girl

by Sorin Chircu - Date: 2006-12-17 - Word Count: 856 Share This!

1. Things to already have and believe

You know who you are and believe in yourself and what you can offer to a woman. That is exactly what a woman wants from you, to be a strong man who honestly cares for her!

You already have a couple of female friends and you understand the differences between men and women and that a woman communicates her emotions and feelings more and that's what she wants from you (they use their right emisphere more than we do - the emisphere that runs emotions, instincts and creativity).

You've met her and kissed her, she is now attracted to you and you would like to know how to keep her(this includes getting intimate with her). You really like her, you like the person she is, not just her looks.

All women want nice relationships and you would like to offer her just that.

You are interested in paying attention to her needs and pleasure and not focusing on yours only.

2. Be yourself!

Accept who you are both strong and weak points. That proves you are mature enough and know what you want. Women find that attractive you know. Be yourself when you are with her, show yourself and don't be afraid to show your vulnerabilities.

An emotionally-strong man is one that knows his weak points and is honest with them. A man that doesn't accept that he has weak points he turns them into complexes and can turn aggresive and/or introvert.

3. You don't always have to dominate

You don't have to be macho to be a man. It's good to take initiative and to be responsible but if you dominate all the time it shows you are insecure.

A woman feels good in the places she enjoys, take her there.

At first date it's good to decide for her the time and place so that she knows you know what you want and not put the responsibility of choosing on her.

But if she would like to go some where else especially on 2nd or 3rd date (and it seems like she honestly wants to connect with you and that place would be a better one for just that) take her there and forget your masculine ego. It might be a more private place and she might open up faster and things could run faster than you've ever have thought.

5. Open up!

First few dates are very important, it is the period when a woman is paying attention to the way you treat her. It's important not to argue in this period, to create a perfect harmony between the two of you. That doesn't mean you should take her nonsense or not have your own opinion on things. It just means that this period is a trial period where most men fail tests and are dumped because this period is a preview that let's her know whether she'll enjoy a relationship with your or not.

Be open with her, be GENUINE, no canned or fake stories needed here. You want a relationship from her not an easy pray. A woman can feel very well whether you truly like her or you just want to use her.

6. Get to know her for real

Find the things that draw you together, the things you have in common and to those. For that you have to be honestly interested in getting to know her world and involving in it. Also give her the opportunity to get to know your world, involve her in your activities, in your schedule.

Introduce her to your social circles and meet hers. She wants you to be happy you have her as your girlfriend and if she cares for you she will be proud you are her boyfriend. Get to know her in as many situations as possible and try to understand her without judging her.

Be honestly interested in getting to know her, make her feel SPECIAL (this is very important) and you will be special for her. If she has what she truly wants you will receive it back ten times more.

7. How to have sex with her

Don't talk about sex before it happens. Don't try to make her interested about the subject by boasting how you satisfied your ex-partners. For her sex is a sublime way of communication, a very intimate connection. If the subject comes up thought discuss it showing maturity and responsibility, from the point of view of a beautiful relationship.

Stop thinking about what do to get her in bed as quick as possible. Most times the exact opposite will happen. Relax when you are with her, feel good and let things happen by themselves. That doesn't mean you don't take the necessary steps for that ... you just have to take them without a clear goal in mind. Say to yourself: "It doesn't have to happen tonight" and things will run smoother. If you satisfy her emotional needs, the next step that comes naturally after emotional connection is the physical one and that's what will happen.

8. Carpe diem

Enjoy every moment you spend with her. It's you, her and the rest of the world. Enjoy YOUR world... Beautiful memories are like gems in the life of a person. Treasure them!

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