The Secret Body Language Of Sexual Attraction

by Jason Ess - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 259 Share This!

What body language in a female demonstrates sexual attraction? You'll know from my previous articles that I don't recommend reading body language strictly and that behaviours are always context and individual specific. Nevertheless, here are the body language secret signals that some psychologists and experts interpret as being a sure sign of sexual attraction.

Approaching: A female may give a male a signal that she wants him to approach her by staring at him until he notices her, then averting her eyes. The female may then flick her hair to signal that she is approachable, alternatively a slight pout signals the same.

Interest: The female may show interest by exposing her neck or, more powerfully, by tilting her head to one side whilst in conversation - this demonstrates that she is willing to be vulnerable and available.

The Windows of the soul: By making her eyes appear larger, the female hopes to appear more appealing. She can achieve this by opening her eyes wider, dipping her head and giving a sideways look (this creates sexual tension). In contrast, lowering the lids of her eyes (know as the good old bedroom eyes) signals a sexual state, thought to be a reproduction of facial expression during orgasm.

These body language signals of attraction can never be 100% accurate, but will hopefully give you a guide as to how the female is processing the interaction and her feelings towards you. Keep in mind, they are not definite signals of what is going on and you need to measure attraction in a variety of ways using different methods.

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