3 Dating Rules You Should Never Break

by Nicia Aiyetoro - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 796 Share This!

Why do our friends and family pressure us to get married and have kids? Is it because these things will make us happy or is it because that is the cycle. Something that people have been taught for generations but not necessarily something that is right for everyone.

Note: Do not be afraid to break the cycle. It is better to be single, than stuck with a life you don't want.

That being said, if you are looking for a relationship here are a few dating tips:

First - Don't be afraid to ask important questions.
If you have an idea of what you are looking for then you will know the right questions to ask. If you don't know what you are looking for then you should seriously think about it before you go out.

Warning! Watch out for people who don't want to give straight answers. They have something to hide and nine time out of ten it will get you into trouble.

Second - Date as many people as you can.
If you don't know what's out there you won't know what you're missing. And if you only date one person then you won't have anything to compare. Notice that I didn't say - have sex with as many people as you can - I said date as many people as you can, without having sex. If you're looking for sex, then have sex. Be safe about it and don't expect anything more from it than what it is. But if you're looking for a relationship, hold off on the sex.


Because sex creates an emotional attachment that blinds you to the little things, or at the very least causes you to let them slide.

Third - Don't allow yourself to be blinded to the little things.
Most of us have a tendency to completely overlook them because we are infatuated but the little things will give you insight into a person's entire character.

For example: Pay attention to things like the way a person drives.

Why? Because people tend to act just like they drive.

If you're dating someone who is speeding and cutting people off -Jump out at the first red light and hit the road Jack -Unless of course you like the rude, reckless and inconsiderate type. You may see it as only driving but eventually those qualities will transfer over and they will be rude, reckless and inconsiderate with you as well.

If you're dating someone who leaves the house without turning off the TV or the lights - Hop on your bike and make sure all they see is your dust - Unless of course you like the lazy, money-wasting, irresponsible type.

If you're dating someone who always wants to spend but never offers to pay - Grab your wallet and let her kick rocks -Unless of course you like the money-hungry type.

If you're dating someone who always wants to touch but never wants to talk - Grab your boots and kick him straight to the curb - Unless of course you like the self-centered type. The little things may seem unimportant to you now, but they will come up in everything else a person does. There are people who will call you crazy for leaving someone over the little things.

Let them. They just don't know.

Other things to pay attention to:
How they treat their friends and family How they let their friends and family treat you The types of friends they choose to have

Don't wait for something BIG to happen to leave someone. Pay attention to the little things and you will save yourself the trouble.
Don't treat people bad in the beginning of a relationship and think that you can make up for it later.
Don't believe people who feel the need to tell you how great they are. Let actions speak for themselves.
Don't let your fear of being alone make you stay with someone you don't truly love or respect.
Don't believe that all men and/or women cheat. The only thing 100% of the people do is eat, sleep and die. People who convince themselves that everyone cheats usually do it for one of two reasons.

A) They've been burned many times in the past or
B) They want to justify their own behavior.

If you find that every person you date tends to cheat or thinks that cheating is an ok thing to do, then you need to make better choices. Remember, birds of a feather flock together. If you want to find something different from what you've been experiencing then you're going to have to go outside of your circle. Date outside of your norm.

Most importantly - Do treat everyone you date with kindness and respect, regardless of whether or not you see them as relationship material.

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This article is excerpted from the critically acclaimed non-fiction book What the…!&$? A Straight Up Guide to Life, Love, and Money by Nicia Aiyetoro, available at Amazon.com and UrbanLit.com. Nicia grew up in the foster care system before becoming an author and motivational speaker for at risk youth. From living in a shelter, to being homeless, to becomming a ward of the state, she was an at risk youth herself and knows first hand what a difference it can make for kids to be taught and encouraged by someone they can identify with. Aiyetoro is also the award-winning author of Children of the State, a criminal suspense novel written around the lives of six teenage girls living in a group home.

Along with her sister Burgandy, Nicia founded Sista Girl Productions in 2004 and began offering free film classes to at risk youth in the Las Vegas Valley. She has also written numerous screenplays and music video treatments.

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