Priorities of Russian Women

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The world has gone under a dramatic change regarding the equality of men and women starting from the beginning of our existence. This situation is clearly traced in Russia. But still it is not that easy for women to get a job they desire and have a salary equal to that of men in general. One of the hardest challenges for women is to get recognition in the particular area she chooses, as even today males and females are not treated equally. All of these facts forced single Russian woman to reject their aspirations and dedicate their lives to their families' well-being.

However, unmarried women in Russia are very different from other women around the world, as most of them did not give up and attended colleges in order to get diplomas and get at least some type of business training. Even if getting a diploma is not a guarantee for a well-paid job they do not give up in trying to find one. And these efforts are not in vain. Based on this desperate wish of making a career, single Russian women are misunderstood and a wrong impression is created that their late marriages are due to their preference of men from foreign countries. But the irony is that Russian women would not marry at all rather than marry a man from any other country as they are keen on living in their homeland and prefer to settle down with a man of the same nation.

One of the strongest arguments to this is that single Russian women prioritize commitment in their relationships and accordingly long distance relationship is not the first thing they would choose themselves. Besides of love and security, they seek for a partner that has a stable job, which does not necessarily mean that they are money-oriented or their salaries should be enormous; it is all about stability and ability to sustain their families.

However, eligible men in Russia are pretty much lucky as single Russian women are chasing them due to the skewed ratio of women to men in their country that is 88/100. So, they are really spoilt for the choice. In contrast, getting a spouse of equal level is extremely difficult for women in Russia, especially for those who are older than twenty five. As most of single Russian women get married before they are even twenty two, the ones over thirty are practically left with no choice. That is why dating agencies are so popular in Russia.

Even after discussing every side of single Russian women no one can say that they are all the same. On the contrary they are all exceptions, some of them being career oriented, while others take pleasure in everyday duties of housewives and love to look after their children and husbands. Even if most of them prefer to marry a man that lives in the same country as they do, there are still some exceptions that want to marry foreigners. So, there is no way to describe single Russian women with one word.

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