The Ultimate Bridal Challenge: Making Your Wedding Invitations Unique

by Karen E. Martin - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 505 Share This!

Let's say you're a break-the-mold kind of bride. Perhaps you're marrying later than your contemporaries and you don't want the trappings of a traditional wedding. Or maybe you're an adventuresome bride and you'd like to hold your wedding in an exotic location. Or maybe you're just an individualist who wants to make sure that your wedding ceremony and reception express your own unique personality.

No matter what makes you refreshingly different as a bride, you should be aware of the fact that it is entirely possible to plan a wedding that follows all major etiquette rules-and still has your own special stamp. This is true for every detail of the event-from the locale to your attire on your wedding day. Of course, one of the challenges you'll face as a non-traditional bride is sending out invitations that are special-yet won't be dismissed as odd by your future mother-in-law. You'll want invitations that are eye-catching-but that will not offend any of your wedding guests. Keep in mind that your invitations will set the tone for your wedding. In other words, if you get the invitations right, much of the rest of the affair may fall into place.

Be aware of the fact that, in 2007, there are plenty of varieties of invitations from which to choose. For instance, you can experiment with shape, size, and paper stock. You can use earth shades, pastels, or bolder colors. In addition, you can experiment with a wide range of fonts. Believe it or not, a particular font can make a bold statement, catching the interest of the invitee and making him or her eager to attend your blessed event. One effective way to make your invitations unique is to include a photograph. A picture-particularly of you and your intended-can turn a ho-hum wedding invitation into a sensational one. With a memorable picture to highlight your invitation, you make an instant emotional connection with those who are fortunate enough to receive your invitation. In fact, some of your guests may actually keep your invitation as a treasured keepsake.

Of course, you can, too! Many brides choose to frame their wedding invitations for posterity. As a result, it's important for you to work carefully with your wedding invitation supplier to ensure that your invitation is everything you dreamed it would be. While you can use many different formats to craft wedding invitations, don't forget to include all the essential information: the names of the bride and groom, the date and time of the event, the address of the wedding location, and information for submitting an RSVP. Even if the look of your invitation is quite unusual, try to make any important wording as clear as possible in order to make life easier for your guests.
Since each bride's wedding is a one-of-a-kind event, it's important that your invitations reflect that fact. By paying careful attention to all invitation design details, you can fashion an invitation that is not only polite, but powerful as well.

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