Bridal Shower Favors: Small Memorabilia for the Party Guests

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Most bridal shower hostess consider giving bridal shower favors. Giving out these little tokens have been a tradition and have some specific purposes. First, bridal shower are designed to commemorate the event, and second they serve as a way to thank the guests for their precious time and gifts.

When choosing bridal shower favors, you have to consider how the guests will enjoy them. Apparently they have to be pleasing, unique, and with a thoughtful touch. There are so many traditional souvenirs out there but they don't always have that attractive appeal. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can go beyond conventional and opt for simple, yet impressive bridal shower favors that will please the guests. There are classy and tasteful bridal shower favor options at relatively cheap prices. You can purchase them online or buy them in bulk from a wholesale dealer.

Bridal shower favors can be anything useful to the guests. You may opt for practical tokens that the guests can use in their home, office, or when traveling. Useful party favors are great to give because some of them are at cheap prices. They include bottle openers, whine stoppers, coasters, key chains, mugs, shot glasses, pens and notepads, chopsticks, measuring tapes, and a lot more. These are something that will keep forever in the guests' drawer.

Edible favors are also simple and inexpensive memorabilia that you can give to the guests. You can make or buy pre-made bridal shower favors. They can be food or beverages that are packaged nicely for the guests. Some of the most popular edible party favors that are being used lately are cookies, chocolates, candies, mints, almonds, jams, and honey. But if you want beverages as gifts for the guests, you might want to consider wine favors, or let the guests leave with packets of tea or sachets of coffee, hot chocolate, or cocktail mixes.

Candles are another popular option when it comes to providing a memorabilia of a bridal shower. These are also cheap favor ideas that sure to fit with any kind of budget you have. Candles are perfect for a more sentimental or intimate gathering, such as bridal shower and wedding. Choose whether you will make your own candle gifts or buy pre-made ones. If you chose to make them, there are so many assorted candles at your local craft store that you can purchase in bulk. Decorate them with a few charms or you can have them presented in beautiful candle holders, which are often at cheap prices too.

If you opt for a more extraordinary idea, there are also unique bridal shower favors that you can easily find online. These often include customized items meant to fit the theme of the affair and personality of the bride-to-be. Some theme are soaps in a unique shape, favor boxes in a bridal gown or wedding cake shape, "Bride and Groom" slat and pepper shakers, conversational candies, customized refrigerator magnets, and a lot more.

All the necessary supplies for your friend's bridal shower can easily be found online. Visit your favorite online store to see if they have the best choices for bridal shower favors, bridal shower games, invites, and bridal party gifts.

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