Men, Pay Attention!!!

by Destiny Blaine - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 428 Share This!

It's true. You don't want to imagine it but it's going on right under your unsuspecting nose. If you're benefiting from it, then that's great, you should appreciate the writers of all smut. If not, then you may want to ask yourself if you have what it takes! The men in these books are all quite adorable. In fact, your wife will love most of them but more importantly, she'll love what she reads. She'll be able to escape the laundry, the crying child, and your nagging for a few minutes each day to push back into the recliner and fantasize. Just so you know gentlemen, these fantasies may liven up your sex life if you are smart enough to capitalize on it. Take all of the erotica books on the market today by many of the top publishers. Most are very different yet they all have one thing in common-uncensored, hot, and bothersome sex. We're not talking amateur stuff here-like what you used to have in the backseat of your car. Baby, we're talking the good stuff and it's enough to encourage your wife's continued readership and maybe your full support! Some men are buying these books for their wives finding they are incredibly turned on by the fact she is reading about what he would like to do! Others are finding a twinge of jealousy lurking around and really, they shouldn't be jealous. After all, this isn't graphic photographs like found in men's magazines. However, you can rest assured, the READING is phenomenal and after all, isn't that the ONLY reason men buy those treasured "men's" magazines? Of course it is-the reading is what sells those magazines.In any case, men pay close attention to what your wife is reading because even though many of the titles sound relatively innocent, there are things in these little short reads hot enough to turn your wife on and hot enough to keep a fire going in your bedroom for several months after she puts it down. So, why not put on a good porn movie? Well, many women don't feel comfortable watching a porn flick with their husband but a book with an ordinary title is just what many of these "good girls" need to begin feeling a little frisky behind closed doors. With Valentines Day right around the corner, these short reads are enough to ignite a flame again and best of all, she'll really appreciate you thinking enough of her to buy her what she wants. Then, who knows, maybe all she'll really want will be you!

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Men pay attention to what your wife or favorite gal is reading---what she reads may have something to do with what she'd really love to do!!! Your Article Search Directory : Find in Articles

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