Some Smart 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Have you been together with your spouse for fifty years? If you have, then you are blessed because not many marriages last for fifty years. Many of us can't even remember fifty years of life, much less a marriage of such length. You have so many memories of what life has to offer when you've been together that long. You've seen joys and sorrows, managed to get through the hard times and rejoiced in the happier times.

You're probably wondering how to put together a party celebrating the event if you know a couple coming up on their 50th year together. You may be also thinking about 50th wedding anniversary gifts because these folks deserve more than just a loud and ample round of applause. You need to think of ways that can show your admiration and respect for such a wonderful couple.

Since these people have been married for so long, they may have all they need to get along in life. Gold is considered as the gift of choice by both the "traditional" and "modern" lists of 50th wedding anniversary gifts. However, not a lot of people can afford these luxuries considering the price of gold these days.

It might be a good idea to pool your resources for one magnificent gift if you have a large circle of family and friends. There are also a lot of 50th wedding anniversary gifts ideas on a more modest scale that you might make an event memorable and beautiful.

The traditional and modern lists can also help you make a composition of gifts reflecting the years along the way. For example, the traditional list specifies paper commemorating the first anniversary. You can then combine it with gold to come up with some note cards embossed with gold lettering to keep in touch with friends and family.

Gold is the central theme of 50th wedding anniversary gifts. After all, it is the golden wedding anniversary. The table setting can easily add some sparkle. Try putting some gold ribbons around vases of flowers, and get some gold-rimmed stemware and place mats with gold threads woven into the design. The 50th wedding anniversary gifts for that special couple need not break the bank.

Remember that many older folks have given up coffee in favor of tea. This means that a ceramic teapot of gold leaf can be a useful and beautiful gift. The color of gold has a warm and cheery feeling, which is exactly what you want to convey. Try to think "outside the box" when you are thinking of 50th wedding anniversary gifts. This way you'll come up with dozens of ideas that can make the occasion memorable and warm.

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