Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back - The Conditions You Need to Create to Make Her Want You Again

by H.L. Archer - Date: 2010-11-08 - Word Count: 501 Share This!

When your girlfriend breaks up with you, it might seem to you that she is gone for good, but usually guys have enough ego to think she is just having a girl fit and she will be back in a hurry. But, no matter what the case, you won't get her back until she needs you. That is why you have to create the conditions to make her want you again.

The problem with getting your ex girlfriend back is, men are not born with the skills to be able to understand women. When you are growing up, you teased and tormented little girls and then suddenly you grow up and look at them in a different way. This confuses you and most men remain confused by women all of their lives.

But women just want to be loved and appreciated. They do not want to be forced to do anything. That is where the trouble comes in between the two sexes, especially with the woman of today. No longer do women want to be subservient to their man. They want to be treated as an equal, up to a point. That point is when they need a man.

That is why you have to let her have her way about the breakup. If you go chasing her and trying to change her mind, she will feel you are trying to force her to do what you want. If you beg her and show weakness, she will lose respect for you. If you send her flowers, cards and gifts, she will think you are trying to bribe her.

So, if you can't do any of those things, how do you get her back? You don't get her back, you make her want to come back. The best way to do that is to leave her alone. Go on with your life and have no contact with her at all. Let her experience her life without you for a while. Go out with your friends and have a blast, but don't date other women. If you do, she will never let you forget it.

By ignoring her and not making a fool of yourself by chasing and begging her, your ex will begin to wonder if she made a mistake. Here you are out having fun and she is sitting at home waiting for you to call. Of course if you did call, she would hang up on you, but she wants the satisfaction of doing it. But, if you hold out for a few weeks, she will call you.

When she does, be cheerful and do not mention the breakup. If she says you need to talk and wants to meet you for lunch or coffee, agree. Act like nothing ever happened and most of all make her laugh. That will be the start of getting back your ex girlfriend. Take it slow and don't push her. Soon she will admit to herself that she needs you in her life and you can be a couple again.

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