Get Him Back by Using Male Psychology - It's Easy When You Know How to Push Your Ex's Hot Buttons

by H.L. Archer - Date: 2010-11-12 - Word Count: 509 Share This!

The reason so many women have a hard time getting their boyfriend back after a breakup is not because they do not know how. They just forget that they know how to get a man. In their confusion all they can think of is running after him and screaming they love him and cannot live without him. These actions make him see her as needy and desperate and he pulls farther away.

That would never happen if they used male psychology and pushed his emotional hot buttons. If you have had a breakup and been trying to get your ex boyfriend back, this picture might be familiar to you. If the breakup has just happened and you have not tried getting your ex back yet, stop and think before you act. Your ex already knows that you still love him and he is counting on you chasing him so he can reject you.

By rejecting you, he is feeding his ego. Having a lovely girl like you lose your pride and dignity and beg for his love gives him some kind of perverse satisfaction. The reason he can do this, he is pushing your emotional hot buttons. No one likes the feeling of rejection, but it is harder on men than it is on women. So your first act of using male psychology is to reject him. You might wonder how you can reject him, when he broke up with you. It will be easy. All you have to do is ignore him and act as if he no longer exists.

When you do not try to get him back and show no interest in him, he will feel you are rejecting him. This will not be what he was expecting you to do and he will wonder if he misjudged you. He will think that maybe you do not care for him as much as he thought. These thoughts will push his emotional hot buttons in a big way. His pride and ego will be bruised. Your ex boyfriend will discover something else. He is still in love with you and misses you.

To further add to his confusion, go out with your friends and have a good time. Don't date anyone, but flirt with some of the guys so they will be swarming around you like bees after honey. This will show your ex that you are not bothered by the breakup and you can have fun without him. It will also be a warning that he is in danger of losing you. All of these actions are using male psychology and pushing his emotional hot buttons.

As I said at the start, you already know how to get your ex boyfriend back. It is the same way you got him to begin with. Without knowing it you used male psychology to get him interested by seeming unavailable. Then you pushed his emotional hot buttons by playing hard to get. By ignoring him and not trying to get him back, you will make him want you as wildly as he did then.

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