Ways To Treat Hair Loss

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Baldness and hair loss are two related problematic conditions affecting mainly the male population. Studies emphasized the gravity of hair loss by showing that men who suffer from hair loss experience feelings of helplessness, vulnerability, and even jealousy of men having healthy hair. Men, though, are not the only ones who must deal with hair loss, as there are thousands of women who also suffer from this condition.

The main cause lying behind male hair loss is to be found in genetics, as there is a single dominant gene which is responsible for male baldness. This gene is usually transmitted from father to son, but there are other reasons for hair loss, such as medication or illness. In these cases, however, hair loss is only temporary and hair will eventually grow back once men recover from their illness or stop taking the medication. In men who have a genetic predisposition of becoming bald, the process of hair loss starts at a very young age and becomes more significant with the years.

If you are one of those men who uncontrollably lose their hair before their time of course you would like to know your options. Nowadays there are many hair loss products from reputable manufacturers which can be found in prescription or in nonprescription form. Although there is no magic pill which would bring miracles to those taking it, there are plenty of very promising hair loss treatments available on the market and even more in development.

Rogaine (Monoxadil), Propecia, Proxiphen and Avacor are some of the most well known prescription and nonprescription baldness products to be found on the market today, all with varying degrees of succeeding in re-growing their user's hair. However, the demand for hair loss products is huge, therefore many nonprescription hair loss treatments were recently introduced so as to offer men and women a more convenient and economical alternative to re-grow hair and at the same time prevent further development of the condition.

Another solution for re-growing hair consists in the several vitamin products with special formulations for thinning hair which help promote the faster growth of healthy hair. These vitamins for re-growth are generally a combination of various key amino acids, vitamins B6 and E, zinc and biotin. Many people who take such vitamins report more lustrous, thicker hair, but if you aim to actually re-grow hair, not only thicken it, then you should probably consider a more serious hair loss treatment or supplement that specifically addresses baldness and hair loss.

Hair loss supplements are available in a wide range, tested or untested, costly or less expensive, with clinically proven efficiency or not. With good judgment and a little research, including consumer reviews and testimonials, there can be found hair loss treatments which offer money back guarantees.

No matter the choice, patience is a must when undergoing this kind of hair loss treatment. Unfortunately there is no overnight remedy for hair loss, and products usually take up to six months before you can see results. However, if you are comfortable with your hair loss treatment and you have both a preventative and a maintenance plan, you are already half way there.

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