Acne Treatment For Children

by Sarah H - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 426 Share This!

Acne is a very common thing for children and adolescents especially between the ages of nine and seventeen. So if you yourself have kids I am almost certain that you are no stranger to acne and acne breakouts. Your kids will be conscious about their acne and probably feel that when people look at them the only thing that they are seeing is their acne and I'm sure no parent would like to have their kids going about the place with that embarrassing acne all over there face. You would probably do or buy anything that is safe to help your kid get rid of that embarrassing acne.

There are probably a whole lot of acne treatments out there on the market and I am sure that you know about a good few of them and if it was for you, you would buy them but as it is for your kids you are now wondering whether it is safe or not for them to use. Well don't worry, there are a lot of good and safe acne medications that are perfect for kids and teens to use.

Now if you are looking for topical medications the basic treatment for acne would be an over the counter drug which contains benzoyl peroxide. You can get a few good over the counter drugs such as Pro Active and Clearasil both of which contain benzoyl peroxide. If the child's acne does not improve in four to six weeks, or they have a severe case of acne you should consider seeing a dermatologist to get some prescription drugs. Some prescription drugs which you could get from a dermatologist are retins, erythromycin and benzamycin which is a combination between erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide and is probably the most commonly used acne prescription medication although in the prescription medications the concentration of benzoyl peroxide is much stronger than in the over the counter versions.

Some other things you could do to help prevent your child from getting acne or having their acne worsen without any medical treatment is making sure they have a healthy diet, one which does not include too many fats and sugars. Also you should get them to start washing their face once in the morning and once at night, but they should not wash their face too many times a day because it can cause the pores to get blocked, causing their acne to worsen. And one thing that you should remember when taking any acne medication is that acne usually gets worst before it gets better.

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