Childhood Obesity Cured With Hypnosis

by Gemma Bailey - Date: 2010-11-19 - Word Count: 494 Share This!

It is very unfortunate when a child is suffering from obesity. It is a very major medical problem that affects adults and sadly children too. This happens when a child is overweight by around 20% of his original weight and not in the balance proportion with his height. Childhood obesity is very harmful health wise for children as they become very unhealthy and it affects their daily life routines. Hypnotherapy for children is the ideal solution to lose weight and live a normal life without any obstacles. Hypnotherapists for children in Surrey can help you overcome this problem.

Below are some key points that you should consider before finding a Hypnotherapist for children in Surrey:
Hypnotherapists for children in Surrey will guide you and they cannot forcibly hypnotise your child until or unless you want your child to be hypnotised to help with his or her obesity. Always ask the Hypnotist about their experience and past history to make sure they are the right hypnotist for your child. And rest assured, Hypnotherapists from Surrey are usually highly qualified.

Childhood is the perfect time to stop obesity and to protect them from osteoporosis, diabetes and all the other risks which arises from childhood obesity. According to a study, children who are suffering from obesity have weaker bones compared to the bones of a normal weighted child. For aged people, exercise is the best way to lose weight but for a child it is very essential that they should be very active and should participate in different activities that will burn calories and will help him to lose weight.

Parents should be more responsible in providing a balanced diet for their children. Children are not as clued up as grown-ups when it comes to the health risk of fatty foods, too much sugar and fizzy drinks and often these are the kinds of foods, sometimes the only foods, which children consume in their diets. Start off by making simple changes, cutting out certain foods and adding fresh fruits and vegetables. Going on family walks or bike rides will also help considerably. Sometimes, however, these changes are not enough and therefore hypnotherapy will be the perfect answer for a healthy life for your child.

If you do live in Surrey, then you are lucky enough to have a vast choice of hypnotherapists for children. Childhood Obesity is a very dangerous disease but thanks to hypnosis it is not a dangerous threat now as it was before and Hypnotists all over the world are trying their very best to eliminate this disease and make children healthy.

Child Obesity is an embarrassing disease which does not only affect the physical state of a child, but also the mental state in the form of low self-confidence. Luckily this disease can be handled now through Hypnosis and Hypnotists in Surrey are among the best hypnotists around the world. Hypnosis is not very expensive as compared to the solutions of other diseases; it just requires attention from parents.

Gemma Bailey is co-founder of NLP4Kids. NLP4Kids is an international organisation, which provides therapy and workshops to tackle issues such as self esteem, confidence, bullying, exam stress, phobias, eating disorders and so on. Please visit for more information.n
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