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When it comes to eczema, doctors' tend to have little advice to offer other than using creams and lotion to soothe the skin. Anyone hoping there was a simple cure for the problem will be disappointed by this. In the absence of this magic pill, we can look at the alternative option of a natural cure for eczema.

The main reason that a medical cure does not exist on the market, is that eczema is just not very well understood. Popular ideas on what brings on the condition are hereditary factors, poor immune function and allergic reaction.

So, how can we use nature as a weapon against the disease?

There are many natural remedies for various ailments that do work, and they tend to revolve around taking a holistic view to treating the cause of the problem. This is also true of a natural cure for eczema. By holistic, we mean that in order to tackle the problem we need to take a look at the bigger, or whole picture. This means looking at how various different aspects of our lives interact to cause problems like eczema, aspects such as physical, social, psychological and mental.

Using this technique when applying a natural cure for eczema involves some practical steps anyone can take. It has been well documented that cases of eczema have increased in the past 100 or so years. Although this could be explained by the wider availability of healthcare amongst the population, there are other reasons we should examine further.

Modern life, whilst giving us many improvements, has also had a detrimental effect on our vulnerability to eczema. There are more pollutants in the air we breathe and chemicals in our food than ever before. Our immune system often struggles to cope with these toxic invaders, and this has led to a rise in cases of certain conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, asthma, psoriasis and eczema.

One way we can act to reduce these toxins getting into the body, is via our diet. Over processed food like ready made meals are full of chemicals and contain little nutritional value. You can help boost your immune systems ability to fight problems like eczema, simply by taking more care when selecting your food and electing to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Where possible, buy organic produce too.

Another element you can apply to a natural cure for eczema, is through looking at what household products you use at home that may have an effect. These products can cause eczema by irritating the skin upon contact, or by triggering an allergic reaction to them. It's often possible to work out which products trigger eczema, and common culprits are fabric softeners, washing powders, detergents and animal hair. Once a trigger has been identified, completely removing it from your home will significantly reduce the frequency of eczema flare-ups.

Applying creams and lotions, as your doctor will advise, is also something that can be incorporated into a holistic natural cure for eczema. It is important though, that the skin products you choose are made with natural ingredients rather than chemicals. Aloe Vera Gel is often used with some success, just make sure it contains no less than 90% Aloe Vera juice for best results.

Some people will read this advice, and think that creating a holistic natural cure for eczema is too complicated. The reality is that it only consists of applying changes in three simple areas: improve immune system function through diet, eliminate triggers from your environment and apply natural lotions to the skin to help it heal and reduce itching.

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