Sinus Headache Relief

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Sinus headache is a result of inflammation in the passage behind the cheeks, nose and eyes. It causes a severe pain in the face or the forehead that at times becomes benumbing. Bending or leaning aggravates the pain. Even cold and damp weather increases the patient's suffering. People suffering from this have looked for a definitive sinus headache relief but there is no one sure shot way of dealing with it. However there are a lot of remedies that have been tried.

First of all, medication can be used for sinus headache relief. There are decongestants that aim at reducing the inflammation, thereby relieving the pain. But prolonged use of such medication might lead to dependency and since it constricts the blood vessels many patients suffering from other diseases can't use it.

Sometimes doctors do go for a surgery if there are some structural problems. But it is used always as the last resort as it does not always mean a relief from sinus headache and as any other surgery it involves the potential risks.

One option that is increasingly being used these days is to keep sinusitis in check through proper nutrition and dietary supplements. They work either by reducing the chances of a sinus inflammation or by protecting the patient from being affected by cold.

Some medical practitioners are even suggesting herbs as an alternative medicine for sinus headache relief. The way it works is almost the same as the supplements. But herbs also have side effects. So if they are used they should be done so under supervision. Barberry and Echinacea are the most common herbs used for sinus headache relief.

Homeopathy medicine such as Belladona and Arsenicum album are also used for sinusitis. In fact of all the different treatments available, many patients who had suffered from sinusitis do agree that homeopathy did help them more than any other method.

There are several alternative treatments that are being tried out. Acupuncture is one of them. Acupuncture defines any disease - or condition, as an acupuncturist would say - as an imbalance of the energy levels in different parts of our body. An acupuncturist would ideally try to strengthen the spleen meridian by using needles and may be herbs also. Other methods used for sinus headache relief are chiropractic, meditation, and biofeedback.

There are several home remedies available too. One would be to wet a towel in cold water and apply it on the forehead until it gets warm. Then repeat the process again. A short little nap also helps. Eating jalapeno pepper also helps. So does inhaling peppermint vapor. One can also make a paste adding dry ginger to some water or milk, which when applied to the forehead does provide some relief from sinus headache.

But whatever remedy one uses one should first be sure that he indeed suffers from sinusitis at all. And once he knows for sure he should always be in consultation with his doctor before actually starting any serious treatment for his sinus headache relief.

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