Don't Suffer in Silence - Remove Your Warts and All

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Many people suffer with skin conditions that can leave them worried, scared and feeling like they could be on the next episode of embarrassing bodies. But most of the time these conditions are fairly normal and easily treatable.

For a lot of skin conditions an over the counter or prescription treatment can be bought to sort out the problem and get you back to your best, but there are others such as warts that require a registered doctor to take a more serious course of action.

There are a variety of treatments that are available for a variety of conditions such as wart and verrucae, mole removal and laser resurfacing that can help to alleviate lines and wrinkles.

Warts or verrucae have traditionally been treated by completely getting rid of the infected cell through the use of a variety of methods. Acid can be applied to destroy the cell, liquid nitrogen therapy can freeze the offending wart, electrocautery can be used to cut it off and carbon dioxide ablation uses a focused light beam to clear the problem. The negatives of these forms of treatment are that warts are sometimes resistant to them and they may cause permanent scarring.

There is however a form of wart treatment that doesn't face the same problems as the traditional methods. Pulsed Dye laser treatments are a more recent technique that can selectively destroy warts without scarring the skin around them. The laser works by thermally destroying the wart and the blood vessels that supply it and can even treat warts that have become resistant to previous treatments.

Moles can be removed by excision or shaving of the skin, depending on the decision made by both the doctor and the patient. Excision is used if the mole is a particular size or if the doctor is concerned about certain aspects of it. After treatment a scar will be left that is bigger than the original mole and this will be stitched and dressed with stitches being removed after 7 days. Shave excision is used when the mole that is to be treated is raised. An anaesthetic injection will be given before the doctor shaves the protruding skin into line with the surrounding skin. The wound left by this process will develop a scab that will take 7-10 days to heal before falling off leaving the skin pink although this will fade over time.

If your skin problems are more cosmetic and you are going for a more youthful look laser skin resurfacing can be used to remove lines and wrinkles by removing the top layer of skin and uncovering the fresh and smooth skin beneath. The lasers restructure the skin by applying high laser power in short bursts to the affected areas and can reduce lines or in some cases get rid of them altogether.

So if you need treatment for a skin condition or you just want to make your skin look vibrant and vivacious don't suffer in silence - remove your warts and all.

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