Treat Red and Irritated Skin Easily

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Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser, apply a cold compress, soak in a warm oatmeal bath, apply Aloe Vera gel, drink sufficient amounts of water, and apply Vitamin E to treat red and irritated skin and prevent further instances by tracing the possible causes of the irritation and avoiding these factors in the future.

There are several causes of skin getting inflamed. People with sensitive skin almost always have skin irritation. Skin commonly becomes red and inflamed due to Argan oil skin irritation and allergic reactions to certain foods. There are easy ways to minister to irritated skin. Actually, there are quite a number of treatments that you can use without any additional help from anyone. There are other ways to help eliminate skin that is irritated and dry:

Say away from any sources of irritation

The simplest and most basic solution to solving skin irritation is to identify what could be causing your skin to become irritated and avoid it. At the same time this will this will avoid irritation of skin in future. If the irritation is topical, it might be caused by creams, lotions, soaps or cosmetic products that you are presently applying over your skin. Try to avoid using these products and find alternative ones that don't cause similar side effects. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a few days if you have already been out in the sun previously, so that your skin has a chance to return to normal.

Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser

Harsh cleansers and soaps can intensify irritation. You will want to use a mild cleanser to gently wash your face. Be sure to find a mild and gentle cleanser that is suitable for your skin that will not cause any further reaction.

Apply a cold compress

Cold pressure may be applied to relieve redness, swelling or burning sensation. Wrap the icepack with a towel and use it to apply pressure on your skin, or if you don't have an icepack available, you can soak a clean wash cloth on the cool water.

Soak in a warm oatmeal bath

Oatmeal is having such a property that can calm irritated skin . Add two cups of oatmeal to a bath of moderately warm water. The condition of your skin would go more adverse and become drier if you go in for the use of the hot water and so you must quit the use of the hot water and use only the moderately warm water. It is a good idea to soak in a warm bath for 15-20 minutes.

Use Aloe Vera on the affected areas

Aloe Vera is famous for it's skin healing properties. Natural aloe gel is recommended due to it not containing fragrances or ingredients that are artificial. The treatment of the affected area consists of administering the gel to it.

Drink sufficient amounts of water

Dehydrated skin is prone to irritation. While under dehydration, it is not easy to treat it. Consume enough water each day--about 64 oz daily.

Rub vitamin E into the surface of your skin

Vitamin E helps to have a healthy skin and solves many skin problems. Vitamin E products, like oils or capsules, can be rubbed right onto the skin.

Always take proper care of your skin. Don't limit your skin care to any product, use specific ones relating to the skin problems you are having.

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