Lipitor Memory Loss: When Memories Vanish, What Can You Do?

by Athlyn Green - Date: 2007-01-24 - Word Count: 475 Share This!

Lipitor memory loss has been experienced by patients taking this statin medication to reduce cholesterol levels. Is it serious? What can be done?

Research has established that in relation to memory loss lipitor is definitely implicated. Some patients have experienced a complete inability to formulate new memory. Transient global amnesia, as this condition is called, is associated with statin drug use.

How bad can it get? Patients have experienced lipitor memory loss to the point where they failed to recognize family members, forgot rigorous training or education, or lost years of precious memories.

In considering causes of memory loss lipitor has been identified as a main culprit. Thousands of reports from patients, who have experienced memory dysfunction after taking this drug, have a common genesis-one that is rooted in Lipitor use.

Lipitor memory loss or amnesia is only the tip of the iceberg. Cognitive deficits include extreme forgetfulness, profound disorientation (imagine trying to operate a vehicle), and terrible confusion. It could be likened to having Alzheimer's!

If you have experienced memory loss lipitor may have caused it. Although the connection remains controversial, patients who have discontinued use of this drug have noticed improvement.

Are there other ways to lower cholesterol? Can lipitor memory loss be avoided using alternative approaches? The answer is a resounding yes.

Natural substances offer tangible benefits without horrendous side effects. We all know that eating vegetables, whole grains, and fruits provides the body with essential nutrients needed for optimal functioning. It makes sense that certain plant compounds support cardiovascular functioning.

Policosanol has received wide testing and the results prove it is as effective and even surpasses statin medication. It is extracted from sugar cane and beeswax and is used to counter abnormal amounts of cholesterol in cells and plasma of the blood and for treating fatty deposits inside arterial walls.

Green tea extract contains flavonoids that studies show might reduce lipoprotein oxidation. Other tests indicate that the catechins in green tea may also be beneficial in processes related to high concentrations of harmful LDL. Interestingly, green tea presents a scenario that is opposite to the memory loss lipitor users have experienced. It is believed to actually improve cognitive performance!

Beta-sitosterol is used for coronary heart disease. It reduces blood levels of cholesterol and may decrease cholesterol absorption by 50%. Vitamin E oil can prevent the degeneration of veins and atherosclerosis. Inositol is beneficial for conditions associated with disorders of fat transport and for high cholesterol levels.

Lipitor memory loss does not and should not be part of cholesterol treatment. If you have concerns about what your medication is doing to you, it is important to discuss these with your doctor.

In some cases, practitioners do not accept that Lipitor is responsible for the memory loss or amnesia their patients experience. What then? It may be helpful to consult with a holistic practitioner or a naturopathic physician who is trained in alternative healing methods.

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