Is There Enough?

by Kira Wagner - Date: 2006-12-18 - Word Count: 582 Share This!

In networking, I am often confronted by individuals who want to be the only one in their category because they believe that if there is "competition" they will lose out on potential business. These are often the same individuals who find their business struggling from the beginning.

Their point of focus is the competition, or more importantly the lack. What they are missing is that there are people out there who can only hear what they have to say. Their message, their service will only reach people because they were the messenger. They would be best served if they would be clear what market (niche) they are targeting and focus on the abundance.

To illustrate a point consider the following;

While Freedom's Formula is about the opportunities to choose, I realize that there are many people who are out there talking about the Law of Attraction, Love and Fear, Freedom, Choice, I've even seen Freedom Formula (as opposed to Freedom's Formula), and the list goes on.

A few of the notables that I have since come in contact with, or become aware of, since starting my own company Freedom's Formula include;

Don Miguel Ruiz with The Four Agreements Byron Katie with The Work Neale Donald Walsh with Conversations With God Esther Hicks with The Teaching's of Abraham Dan Millman with The Peaceful Warrior's Way Joe Vitale - Mr. Fire Chellie Campbell with The Wealthy Spirit Laurie Beth Jones with the Jesus series Louise Hay with the healing work Suzanne Falter Barns with her Joy work Tony McGee with the Destiny on Demand Royce Morales with Perfect Love Awakening T. Harv Eker with Peak Potentials Melanie Strick with Success Connections Wayne Dyer with Motivation and Intention...and the list goes on - thank goodness!!!

The way you talk, they way you interact - the same message but only through your voice is what it will take to reach YOUR audience. Why is it that we find ourselves in doubt about our message and/or the fear that there isn't enough if there are others "doing what we do"?

I've listed 15 other individuals who have put the message of freedom, love, joy, abundance, happiness and peace out there in their own way.

In Southern California alone there are well over 21,000,000 (million) people and if anyone does the math, that is over 1,000,000 potential clients for each one of us. As with many other business owners each of our business's are not limited to just one geographic location. Therefore, that number is only a small fraction of the possible clientele available. The big plus is that this particular song is so important that the more of us that are singing it together - the more in harmony the world will experience.

There are a few of these names that I've heard of for a few years and I thought that everyone would have heard of at least one of those individuals. It turns out that I talked with an individual the other day who had never heard of any of those names. Not one. To say the least, I was surprised - but it did drive home the point.

Who needs to hear your message out there? Why are you waiting and worrying about the idea that someone has already heard the message or is using the service / product of another provider?

Remember, the goal is to keep your eyes focused on abundance, on possibilities and opportunities.

Regardless of your profession, as long as you are passionate about your calling, make the choice today to have the abundant life of your dreams.

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Kira Wagner is a living example of how to harness your personal power to achieve tremendous results. Born to blind parents, she's keenly aware that the only real handicaps are those we place on ourselves. She shares her discoveries on the power of choice with others as she opens the door through speaking and seminars Fan the Flame - Find The Freedom. She is also the author of Handbook for Freedom.

Kira brings 30+ years' experience in teaching, motivation, performing, coaching and training to the table. Her background includes the US Marine Corps, and work for public school systems, volunteer and solo-professionals organizations and much more.

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